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Monday, 15 October 2012

Stone to Great Haywood.

We had a great weekend at a private function. I would love to show you some photographs, but my signal is so bad I would probably be up all night trying to load them. The party was at the Fullers Boat Yard and it was invite only. Keith and I had the most wonderful time, catching up with people we know and others who have now become firm friends. There were lots of like minded people there, lots of fun with the railway, on the canal and on the engines which turned up. I will post photographs and explain more when my signal is better.
Today we were on the move at 9.50am. It was sunny and chilly and a great day for moving.

Travelled 10.5 miles, worked 9 locks in a time of 6 hours 20 minutes.

As we arrived at Lime Kiln lock we were already in a queue, with one other boat in front of us and another ahead of them. But by the time we exited Newcastle Road Lock, both boats had pulled in for water and diesel, so we headed on towards Yard Lock where we picked up another boat, this one stopped below the lock and yep we picked up another boat at the Star Lock, but this one was going down through the lock backwards to wind at the winding hole. They then pulled in due to a problem so we left them behind as well.
At our favourite mooring near Sandon Lock Pam and Terry on NB Roosters Rest waved us down for a quick natter, it was lovely to put faces to names as Pam and I had been in e-mail contact. We got to Sandon Lock at 12.55pm and a boat was coming out of the lock, which was ideal. Unfortunately as the woman let the ground paddle down, it decided not to drop down all the way, which meant one thing, there was something stuck under the paddle. I suggested to the woman that she should not force it down and if they wanted to carry on their way we would ring the Canal and River Trust, which is what we did. No sooner had I put the phone down and walked on to the boat, Keith shouted "He is here". Wow that was prompt service. Apparently he was on his way to Weston and was asked to help us out. He got his kebb out and tried to remove the offending object, which is suspected was a piece of wood wedged. Whilst we waited for C&RT man to remove the item, I heated up some pasties, and started cooking a Bolognaise, which we would have for dinner. After 10 minutes he managed to move it enough to let the paddle down so we could descend the lock and be on our way, but NB Sarah B was stuck above the lock waiting for the Canal and Rover Trust man to remove the offending item. We did not see them again, so we hope they did get on the move again.
The rest of our journey was uneventful. We made it to Great Haywood, took on water and got rid of rubbish, before descending Great Haywood Lock and found ourselves a mooring. The river is up a bit and there is flooding in the meadow. I got on with sorting out the dinner, coal and feeding the animals.
Looking forward to a good nights sleep tonight, after a fabulous weekend.  

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