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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Gallows Hill to Union Wharf, Market Harborough.

With Halloween approaching fast, the sky last night was pretty spooky.
I could not resist taking some photographs.

Travelled 5 miles in a time of 1 hour 50 minutes.

No urgency to get moving this morning, so we had a cup of tea in bed, watched a little TV and I got the back cabin fire going before I eventually got up at 8.15am. Paddy and enjoyed a stroll along the towpath in the Autumn sunshine, which was doing its best to warm the chilled air, after the temperature got down to 1.4c over night.
After all my early morning jobs were done, I got chatting to Tracy and Sam on NB Tilley and offered them some Tiller Pin covers made from plastic bags, which I had been given by another boater. They covers are knitted from the orange Sainsbury bags, which is an excellent recycling idea. We very rarely use mooring pins, so they are off little use to us, but I did say I would find a good home for them and now I have. 
At 11.35am we left our mooring and headed for the winding hole.
The Autumn colour is very vibrant now. I do so love to see the trees in their Autumn clothes.
On past the glue factory of J.G Pears.We then winded and headed back towards Market Harborough.
More Autumn Glory as we approached Market Harborough.
Leaving Market Harborough was Barbara on NB Cloud 9, she is now on her way to Warwick. It was lovely catching up with Barbara yesterday.
On arriving at Union Wharf, we winded and then pulled in against one of the pontoons. Also moored in the basin is Mo and Nessa on NB Balmaha.
We are moored in front of the Waterfront Restaurant who have several photographs of Hadar hung on the walls. We are now ready for our coal delivery which arrives in the morning.


  1. Brilliant photos of the moon especially as it's one day before All Hallow's Eve.
    Seeing Hadar moored back at Harborough brings back memories of when we first met all those years ago. Hope all goes well with the coal delivery and you don't have to shovel to much coal this time.
    Love to both

  2. Hi Irene and Ian. The moon was pretty amazing last night.
    How the time flies, I remember our first meeting very well.
    Coal arriving sometime tomorrow now after lunch due to a hold up with their delivery to the depot, but we are not to worried. No shovelling tomorrow, just bags to stack.

    Lots of love to you both xxx

  3. Hi Jo, Hope you don't mind me asking,but I notice you use Tesco online grocery service - how did you get round the no fixed address issue? We are now living aboard NB Micky Jay, currently moored at Norbury (but will be continuous cruisers). Do they just accept the postcode for wherever you are at the moment on their registration form? Many Thanks Ali Honeyford-Allen

  4. Hi Barrie. Thank you for leaving me a comment. Congratulations on becoming a boater, we look forward to seeing you on the move.
    We use Tesco a lot.
    When you sign up and put in a fixed address, you have an address book, below that fixed address is Add new address. In there you can add a postcode of where you are and it will give you a drop down list of addresses for that postcode, if you have found an address close to the canal,bridge or road, you can click on that address as your delivery address, it does not change your fixed address, it just means Tesco will deliver to the new one. You can then store that delivery address in your address book for future use. I hope that helps. Let me know if I can help further. Jo ;0)

    1. Thanks so much for that Jo, I am pleased to report that we took delivery of a huge Tesco grocery order yesterday afternoon - thought I would never fit it all in 'Micky Jays' cupboards! best regards Ali

  5. Hi Barrie and Ali.

    It was my pleasure, glad to have been able to help. Having groceries delivered makes life so much easier, especially with the larger items.
    Cupboards full, right I will be over the weekend lol. Have a lovely weekend ;0)


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