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Monday, 13 May 2013

Arrived In Braunston.

Map picture

Travelled 11.77 miles, worked 3 locks in a time of 4 hours 15 minutes.


We left our very quiet over night mooring at 8.05am, with the sun out but we were always aware rain was forecast again.


Newbold Tunnel was beckoning.


Its rather sad that only three of the lights are now working, someone needs to change the bulbs. The project to light this tunnel was taken on by British Waterways and Rugby Borough Council at a cost of £200,000, you would hope that in that budget there were spare bulbs, otherwise why take on such a project to light the tunnel?


On our way into Rugby Tom and Jan on NB Waiouru, greeted us through their side door. It was nice to meet them even though it was so brief. There boat is looking beautiful. We also passed NB Serene and NB Oakfield.

We arrived at Hillmorton Locks at 9.50am with the bottom lock ready for us. I also prepared the lock next to ours as another boat was coming up behind us.


With a boat having come down through the second lock that was also ready for us.


The written word on the lock beam.


And again.


In our case climbs carefully up.

At the top lock we met up with one of the Hillmorton Lock Keepers and his wife. In the lock sadly was a dead lamb, which had clearly been in the water some time. Keith and the lock keeper managed to get the carcass out of the water with the use of our pole and hook and into a couple of bin bags. Now if we had had dodgy tummies then the smell from this dead lamb would certainly have turned our stomachs over, but we were all made of sterner stuff and in no time at all the lamb was bagged. We left the job of disposing of the carcass to the lock keeper. The reason for removing it was no one would want it around their prop and it would not have been pleasant if it had got trapped in the paddles. Good deed done for the day it was onward towards Braunston with rain dogging us all the way.


The spire of Braunston Church standing proud in the distance and the hope that we could find a mooring, which would enable us to take on our fridge/freezer within the next day or two. We moored up outside Braunston and Keith walked into see what the moorings were like, whilst he was gone it absolutely hammered down with hailstones.


Keith returned with good news that there was indeed room to moor the other side of bridge 89, so we set off in the rain for the said mooring. All moored up we went to The Boat House for some lunch and a pint of Hog Goblin. That was a nice way to end a couple of long days. Whilst walking back to the boat we were greeted by Don and Gill off of NB Idunno, who we are good friends with. It was wonderful to see them and to have a quick natter, we hope to see them again later.


Trying to keep her babies dry and warm.

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