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Thursday, 2 May 2013

On the move again.


Travelled 20.7 miles, worked 2 swing bridges, and 2 lift bridges in a time of 8 hours and 25 minutes.

We left Buggy at 8.45am with the sun shining after a very heavy over night frost. We took on water, emptied the cassette and got rid of rubbish. It was then onward to the junction and back on to the Peak Forest Canal.


First swing bridge of the day just after Furness Vale.


Swizzler Matlow sweet factory, which always brings back memories of childhood sweets such as Love Hearts. The smell was wonderful.


A sad sight seeing this boat burnt out and listing. It is sat on the bottom and full of water. There is also another one further along which has been ransacked by the looks of it.


Marple Junction. The boat moored up was not in the best place, but we made it round him without scratching his paintwork.


Just before Goyt Mill I took over the steering for a while.


Near Whitley Green we passed NB Moor2Life and NB Seyella. Ann gave us a wave as we passed by.


Bollington Mill.


Canal Community Radio station in the mill.


Passed Chris and Sarah on NB Eagle, they moor at Stone.

It was a wonderful day for cruising, in fact any day is good for cruising, but it is made all the more better when the sun is shining.


Broadhurst Swing Bridge has been left open yayyyy thanks to Brian on NB Alton getting on the case with the C&RT. So no bad back for me today.


Our cruising day ended  near Royal Oak Swingbridge, south of Macclesfield. It has been a long day but a happy day.

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