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Monday, 27 May 2013

Back in Market Harborough.

Map picture

Travelled 8.4 miles, worked 10 locks in a time of 3 hours 45 minutes.

Yesterday as we were sitting on the towpath making the most of the sunshine, we heard the unmistakable sound of a merlin engine and then we saw a Spitfire circle over us, unfortunately it was too far away for a photo, but wonderful to hear that Merlin engine whining away in the blue skies. We did see it dive down behind some low hills to the west of us. From the same direction we also heard what sounded like  jet engines in action every now and again, so Keith checked on the internet and found out it was all coming from Bruntingthorpe aerodrome, they were having one of their two annual open days of cold war jet aircraft, where any aircraft that are serviceable will carry out full power taxi runs along their main runway, now I bet that is something to behold. So that may have explained the visit and presumably a flying display by the Spitfire. It was a treat for us and made our day. The rest of the day was very quiet as we enjoyed the weekends sunshine.

This morning we woke to get more sunshine as forecast and as forecast this was not set to last, the weather was to close in and rain would be coming for Tuesday, so we decided to move.


We left the mooring at 8.30am and headed towards Foxton Locks.


Laughton Hills in the sunshine.

We arrived at the top of Foxton Locks and was surprised to see no other boats waiting to go down. Having booked in with the Lock Keepers on duty, we were told we could go on down.


Tony one of the volunteer lock keepers helped us down the flight. I had a lovely chat with him and it was clear he really enjoyed helping boaters up and down the locks as do all the other volunteers on duty. Whilst Tony saw Keith down through the last lock, I went and opened the swing bridge.


There were a couple of boats waiting to go up the flight.


We came through the village swing bridge, which does not get any easier to work. Notice the sign on the right of the photo. I wonder if they know something we do not?

We had a pleasant cruise into Market Harborough.


The swans have produced four cygnets this year and they are so cute.


We have taken a mooring in the basin for a few days, as we have a few things we want to do and the moorings on the towpath are only 48 hours. With us being in the basin, we are on the electric, so I will get some washing done. No sooner we moored up friends at the hire company came and said “Hello” and we also got to catch up with Maureen and Terry on NB On Golden Pond, who are moored in the basin. I am sure we will do plenty of chatting whilst we are back and I will take lots more photographs.

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