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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

On to Nethercote.

Moored at Nethercote.

Travelled 6.9 miles, worked 13 locks in a time of 4 hours 5 minutes.

Last night there was a knocking on the engine room door and standing outside was Barbara off of NB Cloud Nine. It was lovely to see her and to hear all her news. We stood on the towpath having a good old chin wag for about an hour before we said “Cheerio”. After dinner it was feet up time before bedtime which came for me at 9.30pm, I was completely shattered and did not hear or see Keith come to bed.

Awake at 6.30am, I got up and made us our first cuppa of the day, which was enjoyed whilst watching the news. Of course the news has been mostly about the Tornado in Moore Oklahoma, which was so devastating. My thoughts and prayers have been for everyone out there coping with such hardship and loss. In this country we do not realise just how lucky we are.


Before leaving Long Itchington we walked into the village to find a post box, so I could post a couple of letters. We left the mooring at 9.50 with the Stockton flight of locks to do. On arriving in the first lock at 10am, we got something around the propeller, so with no one coming either way Keith went down into the weed hatch.


Having been down there for a few minutes, a pile of old rope, plastic bags and some electric flex was thrown out on to the back counter. I then saw a boat approaching and so opened the other gate for them to enter, but was told they were going to share with the boat behind them, so I closed the lock gate and left them to it.


Up past Warwick Fly Boats.


Passed The Blue Lias. One day we will go and have a pint there.


We were very fortunate that a steady stream of boats was coming down the flight, making my job so much easier. We said “Hello” to Simon as he swapped locks with us breasted up. We cleared the top of the Stockton locks at 11.30am. From what promised to be a warm day suddenly felt rather chilly, so I relit the back cabin stove. Its the end of May almost and still cold, come on Summer where are you?

It was then onward to the Calcutt Locks. Having worked the first of the three, there was a boat in the middle lock and the lady very kindly turned it for us after they had left it, so I gave her a friendly wave. What was really nice though was they waited for us to share the top lock the last lock of the day for us. So thank you to NB Ruby and her crew. It seems that people are in to much of a hurry to wait for a boat they see coming and could share the work and the lock with. We always share wherever possible. Locks all done, I made us some lunch and a coffee, it was well earned in my case I felt, after all I work the locks LOL.


Very strange looking boat.


Approaching Napton Junction at 12.55, with a hire boat crossing our path, we were to over take them a short time later as they very kindly pulled over to let us by.


We moored up at 1.55 at Nethercote. We are in the middle of nowhere and that is my favourite place to be, where it is just us and the birdsong.

Both Marmite and Paddy are up in the back cabin where it is warm. Coal has been bought in for the day and now I have to think what to cook for dinner.

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