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Saturday, 4 May 2013

Walk to Mow Cop.

After doing all the morning boat jobs, Keith and I donned our walking boots and coats, gathered together our cameras and then locked up the boat and set off to see Mow Cop up close and personal. We have seen it from the canal and wanted to see it properly.

From the boat we would need to walk 1.43 miles from where Hadar is moored to Mow Cop, so we walked back along the towpath to bridge 86 and then got on to the footpath which took us up over the bridge and past the farm. At the road we turned right and followed the footpath to the railway crossing.


We crossed over the railway and then the climb began up the hill.


We walked up past the Globe Inn which is closed and has been for sometime by the looks of it.


We got our first of many views of Mow Cop on our way up. The steepness of the hill was certainly working my calf muscles hard.


We passed a field of goats and these three kids, they were very interested in us.


Oooppss wrong end.


No this is how you do it.


Before making the final climb, we walked up past The Cheshire View and oh boy what a view.



After a quick breather it was onward up the very steep part of the climb. Now I know why you are better off walking up to Mow Cop from bridge 85, which is apparently a more gentle climb.


There it was in all its glory Mow Cop, Keith was already on his way, he is in the purple jacket. Phew me made it and still in one piece even though my heart was beating like a good un. Who needs to go to a gym?


It really is stunning and with the weather closing in, it looked even more impressive with the dark clouds behind it.






When the sun came out the views across the Chiltern Valley were breath taking.




Mow Cop Quarry, where the millstone grit was quarried for many years, it was first used to make querns (hand mills). Eventually the quarrying stopped and in June 1937, the deeds for the castle and surrounding lands were handed over to the National Trust.


Having sat down and enjoyed the views over a drink and biscuits, we strolled down off the castle.


Some model buildings in a front garden.


First Bluebells.


Ramsdell Hall entrance gates.


Back to Hadar after an invigorating walk.


  1. It's such a lovely spot. That climb is always worth the effort though. Love the Macc.

  2. Looks like you chose a good day weather wise Jo looking at those photos - stunning! Love these little hidden away gems and we've never been here so have added it to my list of 'places to visit'. Thanks for posting!


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