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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Short Day.

Map picture

Travelled 7.08 miles, worked 3 locks in a time of 2 hours and 50 minutes.

Yesterday was such a great day getting the fridge/freezer back and filling it with some food from the butchers and shop. Keith bought some new LED lights for the bathroom and so fitted them during the afternoon as the rain began to fall. We had no plans to go our during the afternoon seeing as the weather was so poor, so the TV went on and we vegged out.


Rain blimey did it ever over night. The joy is it is keeping everything topped up. We were sheltered from the strong winds, so there was no rocking and rolling for us thankfully.

We left Braunston at 9.35am so a later start for us, but we are back in relax mode again, which is a blessing after the last few weeks.


We turn right at Braunston turn on to the Oxford Canal. Saying “Cheerio” to NB Serene. Sods law no sooner we set off it begins to drizzle again, but hey ho. We cruised along the embankment (Braunston Puddle Bank) and whilst we headed for Napton Junction I put a wash on. Before reaching Napton Junction we met up with Chris and Allison of nb Doo Lalli Ali, who said they read our blog, so “Hello” again if your reading this.


We turned into Napton Junction at 11.20am with Wigrams Turn Marina Opposite.


According to one of the notice boards there are no services available on Saturdays.


A pair of Swans with their Cygnets.

On our way to Calcutt Locks I saw a pair of Hares in the field, they were the first Hares I had seen this year.

Just as we arrived at Calcutt Locks, the lock was set for us and NB Taking Breath was ready to head into the lock, so it made sense to share the work and the lock.


It took us no time at all to descend the locks, so we thanked the couple for their help and off we both went.


We tried to moor up in front of Calcutt Marina, but it was way to shallow, so we have ended up mooring just past Ventner Farm Marina at Tomlows Bridge, No.18 between Calcutt and Stockton locks.

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