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Friday, 10 May 2013

Sandon Lock to just south of Streethay Wharf, near Bridge No.85 on the Coventry Canal.

Map picture

Travelled 21.35 miles, worked 8 locks and a swing footbridge in a time of 9 hours 25 minutes.

It has been a corker of a days cruising, with all sorts of weather thrown in. I am keeping this short because I have dinner to do and my feet to put up, but just to say it was a long day. If you want to see photographs go to Hadar’s Blog.

We did meet up with Sheila and Brunce on Sanity Again. It must be a good couple of years since we got the chance to have a good old chinwag. We had pulled in in front of them at tie the Pig Farm by Bridge 69, to sell some coal to the boat moored behind them. We spent at least an hour chatting and we do hope to see them again soon and this time I will make them a cuppa.

We saw our first Moorhen babies during the afternoon, they are such funny little creatures with their spikey hair does. Everything yellow was shining when the sun came out. Daffodils, Gorse, Oil Seed Rape, King Cups and loads of Dandelion’s.

At Armitage Tunnel we caught up with Dorothy and Jack on NB Black Knight and followed them down through the Fradley Locks, which were manned by Volunteer Lock Keepers, who were friendly, helpful and very chatty.

On passing Streethay Wharf, we saw NB Eclipse which has a National DA2 engine like ours. It is nice we have some company in that department, because they are rare engines. Hopefully at some point we will get to chat to the new owners properly and see how they are getting on with their engine.

street hay

We moored up at 5.15pm in a howling gale and the threat of rain was ever present. Now to put my feet up.

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