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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Saltisford Arm.

Map picture
Travelled 13.65 miles, worked 22 locks in a time of 7 hours and 20 minutes.
We woke up this morning to wall to wall sunshine and not a cloud in sight. We set off at 8.10am with a view to get as far as we could, little knowing we would go all the way.
Top Stockton Lock was the first of the 22 locks to be worked. Luckily many of the locks were either in our favour or boats were on the way up leaving the locks ready for us to use.
I had forgotten how much effort you require to wind the hydraulic paddles up. A couple of years ago I had a frozen shoulder, which has never completely recovered and today the winding really did put my shoulder to the test.
At the bottom lock I met John and his home made boat, he is travelling around the system to raise money for the Macmillan Cancer Trust in memory of his wife Carol. The box on his home made raft is a tent in a box. If you meet John give him a wave and a kind word and if you feel like it put some money in his collection bucket or better still donate on his web page.
Onward past Warwickshire Fly Boat Co.
The Two Boats pub has had a face life by the looks of it.
With the sun out, the trees looked glorious with their fresh green leaves.
Crossing the River Avon, the dividing line between Leamington Spa and Warwick.
Cape of Good Hope at Cape locks, which is apparently reopening this week. We had thought of mooring up below the locks but no where to moor so carried on up the locks.
We turned in to the Saltisford Arm at 3.05, winded and moored up.
Ian the manager is not around so we will catch up with him tomorrow. We are looking forward to catching up with friends Paul and Merleen who now live in Warwick and spending a few days relaxing.


  1. The new designs' paddles are not hydraulic - turning the spindle with the windlass turns (via cunning gearing) a traveller which raises a worm gear with the paddle on the bottom. They are designed to close gently under their own weight (by knocking the handcuff off the spindle with the end of the windlass)if maintained properly

  2. Hi Ray.
    Thank you for enlightening me on the paddles, it is a good design and yes I did knock the handcuff off the spindle and watched the rod descend back down on some of the locks. Not all of them worked that way.
    Thankfully after a couple of days rest my shoulder is feeling much more comfortable.
    Hope all is well with you. Happy Cruising.


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