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Friday, 3 May 2013

Moored for the weekend.

Map picture

Travelled 9.65 miles, worked 12 locks  in 5 hours 15 minutes.

Last night Keith and I went out with Ann-Marie and Brian off of Historic Working Boat Alton. They took us to The Wharf Inn in Macclesfield for a couple of pints. We could have gone to the Fools Nook but it has been closed since October. Anyway we had a wonderful evening chatting over a couple of pints. It was wonderful to catch up with them and all their news. It was gone 11pm by the time we got back to the boat and so we just went straight to bed.

We woke up this morning to the sound of the birds singing and the sun trying to shine. Marmite must have been cold over night because she slept at the bottom of the bed between my feet and then once we were awake, she crept in beneath the duvet.

We left our over night mooring at 9.05am, I walked to the swing bridge and got it working whilst Keith moved the boat.


I do so love swing bridges which are key operated, they make life so easy.


We passed by Ann-Marie busy loading the boat with coal, Brian came out and wished us well as we made our way to Braunston. Brian and Ann-Marie will be at Buggy Sunday if any one is there and needs anything.


As we made our way towards Bosley Locks we got our first glimpse of The Cloud, which is 1000ft high. The woods were full of Wood anemone, laying down a vast carpet of white flowers. We have seen no end of Daffodils and For-get-me-not’s but not may Tulips.


We got to the top lock at Bosley at 9.50am and there was no lock keeper on, so we just carried on regardless.


As you ascend or descend Bosley Locks you can see The Cloud from all different angles. No matter which angle you look at it, you see something wonderful every time, especially if the sun is shining on it. I would never get bored with that view everyday.


We made it to the bottom in 2 hours which was good going as all but four locks were against us. We met four boats coming up at the bottom which was helpful. Having left the locks behind I made us some much needed lunch and a coffee which I was gagging for.


Onward into Congleton and beyond. We had thought of stopped at Hall Green with a view to doing Harecastle Tunnel in the morning and onward to Stone, then Keith suggested we stop in the countryside as it is a Bank Holiday Weekend, so we stopped not far from Ramsdell Hall at Bridge 86 on ringed moorings at the Ramsdell Hall Railings and yes yes yes we managed to get into the bank.


The plaque reads:-

The railings


Age takes its toll on us all - and
the Ramsdell Hall railings were
no exception. Over nearly two
centuries, some sections had
become badly damaged.

Thankfully, in 2008, Macclesfield
Canal Society, Congleton Borough
Council and British Waterways
managed to raise funds and
work together to restore the
railings and the stonework
to their former glory.


The mooring over looks the Cheshire Plain, Jodrell Bank and the Welsh Hills. We can also see Mow Cop from the boat if I stretch. Out in the field alongside the boat are mums with their new calves, so I dare say I will be taking photos of them over the weekend.

Dinner is cooking in the back cabin stove, Paddy is in his bed and Marmite is lying on the side bed in the back cabin where it is nice and warm.

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