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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Stone to Sandon Lock.

Map picture

Travelled 4.85 miles, worked 5 locks in a time of 2 hours 40 minutes.


We left our Stone mooring at 8.30am with Dorothy and Jack on NB Black Knight following on behind. The plan was to get as far as possible before the wind got up, because the forecast was not good with strong winds and rain coming in. If it had been chucking it down when we woke up we would have stayed put, but with the sun out and the wind not bad it was off we went.


It is so nice to have the Willows cut back along the Whitebridge Industrial Estate, normally you cannot see another boat coming and you literally have to fight your way through the Willow branches. As we approached Hadar’s birth place, Tina our boat painter said “Cheerio” and gave us a wave, as did Rob her husband who was blacking NB Alice. Nigel on NB Enseebee also popped his head out and said “Cheerio”.


It was “Goodbye” to the boat yard for now and onward down through Lime Kiln Lock.


On down through Newcastle Road Lock, where we pulled in, I then stepped off the boat with the toilet cassette and emptied it. We were then off again and down through Yard Lock.


At Star lock we met up with Sarah off NB Eagle and her dog Georgie, we had a nice chat whilst I worked the lock and wished her well as we both went on our way. Below Star lock we passed NB Tasmin, but Carol did not seem to be around, but I gave them a wave anyway. We got to Aston Lock and there was a hire boat in front of us, we suspected it was the same boat which came past us at full speed when we were still in bed. I helped them down through the lock and then set it for us.


Onward towards Sandon the wind was picking up blowing us around a fair bit. We saw this Fox on the offside taking a drink. It did not look in the best of condition and when it did wander off it appeared to have a limp.

At Sandon Lock the hire boat was just going down through the lock, Keith suggested we stop for the day with the wind getting much stronger, so we pulled in on the empty moorings.


Normally Sandon Moorings are full, so it is nice to be able to moor up in the strong wind. We do have a bit of protection with the tall hedge, but with the weather expected to get much worse during the afternoon, we are happier to sit it out. I see little point in struggling in the wind when we do not have too.

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