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Saturday, 27 October 2018

Bagpuss wash day.

Hi friends and followers.

Brrrrr I do not know about you, but I certainly felt the nip in the air today. It was reported that some place actually had snow. Sadly it did not reach us. We began the day with a frost and ended it with rain.
I have spent the past couple of days doing laundry. Finally today I did the last of the laundry. I had put it out on the washing line, but after a couple of hours rain was in the air, so I hung it in the engine room and back cabin to finish drying.
Yesterday was laundry day for Bagpuss. You may remember I rescued him at Sutton Stop Lock. Although I hand washed him, he was still very grubby and looking all forlorn, so I gave him a reassuring pat and told him he would be fine before putting him into the washing machine.
Round and round he goes and nobody knows where he will stop.
Peekaboo I see you.
After he had been spun around and around, Bagpuss came out looking much cleaner.
Now this bit was a tad distressing, but it had to be done. I pegged Bagpuss on the washing line to dry.
After a few hours out on the line he was still not dry, which meant he had to go from the cold of the washing line to the warmth of the tumble drier.
Ta da, a very happy smiley cat, with his va va voom back. He forgave me for putting him through such a traumatic day, after I gave him a lovely cuddle. He is now happily looking after my PJ's for me and sits on the side bed in the back cabin.

Well here we are almost at the end of October. The clocks go back tonight remember. November is almost here and that means Firework night. Paddy will not be bothered by the fireworks because he is deaf now and cannot hear them. Remember to keep your pets in on Bonfire night and if you have a bonfire, check it for Hedgehogs before lighting it. I guess we are on the countdown to the festive season and everything that goes with it.
Where did this year go?

Pop back soon xx

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