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Friday, 5 October 2018

Hadar's birthplace.

Hello friends and followers.

It maybe October, but it is oh so mild. We had an incredibly quiet night at Ingestre and having taken my pain medication, I slept well. I did wake at around 6am, because Paddy was having a wander around the boat. I drifted back to sleep until just before 7am, when I got up and made a cup of tea, to find Paddy fast asleep in his bed. With his age, we think senility maybe taking hold, to add to his problems and that is why he is wandering around in the night or early hours. After a nice morning brew, we were up and Paddy got his morning walk along a quiet towpath. Due to his back legs going wonky, he cannot cock his leg for very long these days, so quite often ends up weeing as he walks, which is not ideal, because his legs get wet. I do however giggle at times at his behaviour. Oh the joy of getting older. I just hope I do not end up doing that when I reach his age :-)

Once I had lit the back cabin stove, checked the water level in the cooling, washed up, tidied up and made coffee, we set off for Hadar's birthplace.
First of the locks was Weston Lock. Once through there, I put a laundry wash on, which was done by the time we reached Sandon Lock. I always use a quick wash, when on the move.
This sign at Sandon Lock looks back to a bygone time. I think it needs a new logo.
There were plenty of boats on the move, which meant we were fortunate at the remaining locks. It is always so handy when you reach a lock and someone is just coming out of it, especially as I am suffering with my Sciatica, and Costochondritis, A few days rest and my tablet will see me good though. I am not one for sitting down and not doing things, so I will not let any of it beat me.
We arrived into Stone, knowing that the Food and Drinks Festival was going on, so we did not think we would get a mooring below Star Lock, but we were fortunate to find one mooring spare and so we grabbed it. We wanted to go food shopping, so having moored up, we got out the trollies and headed off to Morrison's to get a few supplies. Stone was busy with people heading for the festival, so we were walking away from the festival site and everyone else was walking to it. Morrison's was pretty quiet, which suited us.
Back at the boat, I did not bother putting the food away. I put the trollies in the galley and we moved the boat forward to the water point to top up with water. Once that was done, I got Star Lock ready and off we went again.
Lime Kiln Lock was the last lock of the day.
Hadar's birthplace and a place we call home when we are not in Warwick.
We are moored up for a few days of rest and relaxation, plus a lot of catching up to do with friends.

Pop back soon xxx

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