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Monday 22 October 2018

Homeward Bound Part 7.

Hello friends and followers.

After our day off yesterday, we were back to normal today.
It was a misty start this morning with a ground frost.
The sunrise was something to gladden the heart. We have been really blessed with fabulous weather this past few weeks. Paddy seemed to enjoy his gentle stroll this morning and did actually appreciate his breakfast this morning. Before we set of boating, we had to go and collect our spare starter motor from Daventry. Keith had been going to catch a bus with his pass, but we were offered a lift by our friend Jenni. So at 9am we met Jenni by the bus stop and with the postcode put into her satnav off we went. We got to Tony and Paul Redshaws and no one was there, but that was not for long when they both turned up and Keith went off to collect our starter motor. It is a beast and weighs a tonne, so Keith used his back pack to lug it back to the car. Jenni very kindly dropped us back at the boat, where I made us a coffee. We got ourselves and the boat ready for the off. First of all we had to wind at Braunston Marina, we then turned left at the Braunston turn.
The blue sky and sunshine was wonderful although there was a distinct chill in the air.
More Autumnal colours, which never fail to make me smile. A Kestrel was hovering above us, hoping to spot something for breakfast no doubt. I made us a sandwich on the move for lunch as we headed towards Calcutt Locks. We got to the locks in time to join the Braunston Dayboat, who were out for a jolly. Three locks done, we left the dayboat, because they would be winding above Stockton.
Although there was no one to share the Stockton Locks with, we made good time, with all but one of the locks in our favour and some of the other locks had boats coming up, which is always a bonus. Daft thing was though, if the first boat had waited one lock, it could have shared with the second boat. There are enough notices about asking boaters to share locks if they can. If we had seen another boat coming our way, we would have shared. After all it cuts down the work.
We decided to stop at the bottom of the Stockton flight, so we moored up at The Blue Lias.  Tomorrow we will move on again.

Pop back soon xx

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