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Sunday, 7 October 2018


Hiya friends and followers.

You will have to forgive me if my posts for the next few days are not scintillating or exciting, but I am having a few days of doing very little, or that is the hope anyway. We are staying put for a few days, which will give us the chance to catch-up with friends. Yesterday we walked into Stone, to see what if anything had changed and I can say things were different. The farmers market was on for starters. The farmers market was on as part of the food and drinks festival, which we had decided we would not be going to because it was £7 a ticket. But we did enjoy the farmers market which was along the high street and was bustling with folk. Shops have come and gone and the biggest one was the Co-op, which has left a big hole in the town, but it looks like it maybe soon filled by another well known store, but we will see. On the whole Stone is doing pretty well as far as shops being taken up. There is also a new M&S food hall on Westbridge Park. It was felt that this happening saw the Co-op go, but who knows. Anyway Stone still has a lot of charity shops, which of course makes me very happy. There seems to be independent shops appearing in the town, which is always nice to see.
On our way back to the boat, we popped into the boat yard where our boat was built to say "Hello" to Roger and the others that were there. Even one of the Steve's who helped build out boat was there. we had not seen him for years, so it was wonderful to catch-up with him. having drunk coffee and chatted it was 5pm and time to get home to feed his lordship (Paddy) and get ourselves something to eat.

Today (Sunday).
It has been a day of crochet and listening to the radio. I did walk into Stone to see where the post office had moved too, because it was located in the Co-op. It seems it is relocating to further down the town and will be open on the 15th October. But we will be gone by then, so I will go into Stafford to post my latest blankets to The Border Collie Trust.
I have made six so far, but I am sending off two for now. Back on board the boat it was time to cook lunch and I felt the need for bubble and squeak. I love it with brown sauce and this time we had it with pasties. The rest of my Sunday was taken up with crochet and reading. Resting is helping with my Sciatica, so that is of course a bonus and my tablets are helping with my Costochondritis. All in all I will be just fine after a few days of not doing locks or heavy lifting. I really have to get to grips with my boundaries. The problem is in my head I am still 18, but my body is telling me something else. Oh the joys of getting older.

Pop back soon xx

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