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Friday, 26 October 2018

Home for the Winter.

Hello friends and followers.

Back on our home mooring and the jobs to be done, were started on today. We woke at 7 am and had a cuppa in bed whilst watching the morning news. It saddens me that these days there is hardly any good news to be had.
Once up, I took Paddy for his first walk of the day. My list for the day was to go into town to get coinage for the laundry, see the pharmacist about flu jab, solicitor and the bank and then do a large laundry wash.
9 am I set off to the solicitors with forms in hand to be looked at and submitted. I then went to the pharmacist to see about having my flu jab. I was in luck because Andrew had some in and could do me today. I did not even feel the needle go in, but I came out £11 lighter, because it has gone up again this year. Still I would rather pay £11 and be covered, than have the flu. Remember if you are at risk, you should have the flu jab. Either go to your GP or go to your pharmacist.
After getting my flu jab, I went to the bank to see about opening an e-savings account. I had tried to do it online, but was told I needed to show them some identification. I took my drivers licence, but have to go back with a second form of identification. I have been with this bank for Seventeen years and still they do not know who I am. Anyway I will get it all sorted eventually.
Back home, it was time to hit the laundry with a huge bag of washing and coinage in my pocket. I set the two of the machines going, put the washing line out and waited for my quick washes to finish. The washing was then hung out in a breeze, so I was hopeful that the washing would dry or almost dry. By the end of the day the washing was almost dry. I hung it in the back cabin and engine room for it to finish off. I still have more washing to do.
With the list of jobs done for the day. I cooked us lunch and then sat and watched a bit of Bargain Hunt, before doing some tidying jobs on the boat. The rest of my day was spent crocheting and watching films on Film4.

Pop back soon xx

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