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Thursday, 4 October 2018

Penkridge and beyond.

Hello Friends and Followers.

Penkridge overnight was very quiet, but it did not stop me waking up at stupid o'clock. I think my body clock is having a melt down at the moment and no idea why. There was I awake and that then meant Keith was also awake, so yes you guessed it, I made us a cuppa. Once I am awake then there is very little chance of me going back to sleep properly, so we got up early and decided we would walk into Penkridge to have a look around the Antiques and Collectors Fair, which opens at 9am. Before heading off for the fair. I walked his lordship Paddy, we all had our breakfast and then i got on with a few boat chores.
We walked down to the fair and although there were a few interesting stalls, there was nothing on them that we wanted. However I did go into one of the charity shops and buy a pair of curtains, which I will use to make a door curtain and some cushion covers for the saloon. This will not be done until we are back home on our mooring though. I bought a pair of 72" x 44" curtains for £4.99 and I absolutely love the material.
Back on the boat, we took the decision to move off, so having had a coffee, lit the back cabin stove and got the boat ready for the off, we headed for Filance Lock and beyond at 10.35am, which is late for us.
Usually you can find yourself in a queue at Penridge Lock, but it was ready for us when we got there.
The Autumn colours are enough to gladden the heart.
Time for a dip and a drink.
There was plenty of boats on the move. We reckon that we saw more boats on the move today, than we saw throughout the Summer cruise. We certainly knew we were getting close to the T&M.
It was fabulous to see Magda on Wea-Ry-Tired. We had not expected to see her and so we only had time for a quick natter.
We left the Staffs and Worcs canal and turned onto the Trent and Mersey canal at 3.30pm.
Hoo Mill Lock done and time to find a mooring.
Moored at Ingestre for the night. As I was about to start writing this posting, there was a call "Hello, is anyone there". It was Snooty Coot. It was lovely to have a catch-up with them, before they set off in the fading light.
See you maybe tomorrow.

Pop back soon xxx

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