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Saturday, 20 October 2018

Homeward Bound Day 5.

Hello friends and followers.

We must be the luckiest people in the world right now for the weather, because yet again we woke up to a beautiful Autumnal morning. There was a nip in the air and a little bit of mist around, but the sun was already trying to wake up along with us both.
We set off from Rugby at 8.35am, destination Hillmorton Locks. But before reaching the locks, we enjoyed the morning glow. In the distance a hot air balloon was up, which has been the first one we have seen this year. I saw a Muntjac deer in a small wooded area, browsing away without a bother that we were passing with our noisy old boat. The Kingfisher was ahead of us and a Heron flew behind us, making me realise life just does not get much better.
We arrived at Hillmorton Locks and a lock keeper was on duty. He waved us to the towpath side lock, which was empty. He helped a hire boat down on the offside lock, whilst I got us through lock one. The lock keeper was most surprised, when he saw me stepping from gate to gate to get to the otherside. He reckoned he had never seen a lady do this. So I was his first. I always open a gate and then step over the void to get to the other gate. Of course this can only be done on single locks and unless you are very sure of foot, you should not attempt it. We thanked the lock keeper for his help and moved onto lock two, which had boats coming down, so we just went straight in once they had vacated the lock of course. The third and final lock was ready for us, so we had had a smooth passage up the pretty locks, with amazing volunteer lockies, who are always so chatty.
Having left the locks behind, we cruised on our way. There were lots of boats coming towards us and we were very mindful that on this twistie and turnie section of canal, we were likely to meet a boat or two in bridge 'oles. It turned out our caution was unfounded, because we met them all on the straight bits.
Soon Braunston Church was view. It is a beacon to boaters that they are nearing Braunston.
On the run in, a lovely lady on a boat named Florence waved us past, and we headed into Braunston aware that it being a weekend, we may not get a mooring. We passed the first lot of moorings and nothing doing, but then just as we passed The Boat House Inn, a 70ft boat was pulling out, so we pulled in. Now that was a result, because no sooner moored up, there were a heck of a lot of boats passing us looking for moorings. Many of them went and winded at the marina and came back past us. Phew.
All moored up, we stood and had a natter with Sheila and Jim on Islonian. We have not seen them for ages, so an hour went by in the blink of an eye. After a coffee, we went to Midland Chandlers to get some fire rope, weedhatch tape and some more fire cement. None of it was to costly, but always handy to have on board. The rest of my day will be spent, cooking dinner, walking the dog and putting my feet up. Tomorrow is a day off and possibly lunch out.

Pop back soon xx

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