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Friday, 1 April 2011

April Fool's and Tesco.

Hi Friends. Yesterday we moved off from Market Harborough, but not before we put together the washing machine. I then crossed my fingers as I turned it on for a test rinse and spin, things seemed promising as it did not blow up, so I put a small amount of washing in, when I say small I mean our smalls LOL. The short wash went well and they got spun almost dry, so at the moment all seems well with the washing machine. I still have no real idea as to what caused the problem in the first place, but hey ho it works now so all is good. having put the machine back in its cubby hole we went into town to buy Keith a new pair of going out shoes, his last pair expired in fine fashion with the soles falling apart. Mind you he had, had them for many years as they were his work shoes, so he got his money's worth out of them. We decided that having done all we needed to do, we would leave the 48 hour mooring and so we set off to Gallows Hill, this would Although we could moor there for 48 hours we don't like to stop there if we have no need, free up the space for someone else. Now that we have finished the Winter coal run until October, we love to moor out in the countryside where we get some peace and quiet. We arrived at Gallows Hill in the sunshine, with the wind was blowing a gale. I moored the bow up and Keith did the stern, it was then time for a coffee, before I sorted out something for dinner. At Gallows Hill we have an excellent signal for the TV and computers, so it was a chance to arrange a Tesco food shop. I went through the whole process of picking items and checking out only to find it would not accept my card arghhhhhhhhh, so we change the card and tried again but to no avail, this went on for over half an hour. I then rang Tesco to tell them of my problem and was told they were having technical issues, to log out and try again later. Later in the evening I tried again but nope it would not accept my card. I switched off the computer in disgust and thought I would do it again in the morning. To chillout for the evening we got to watch Film4. At 9pm we watched 'Rendition' with Reese Witherspoon. I found it a very tense thriller and actually quite disturbing, thankfully it had a happy ending as do most films. So here we are on Friday 1st April. So Happy April Fool's Day. Has anyone played a prank on you? I used to play pinch and a punch for the 1st day of the month, but I have grown up a lot hahahaha. PINCH AND A PINCH 1ST DAY OF THE MONTH, NO RETURN. Sorry could not resist. Back to the Tesco saga. I signed in and went through the paymetn process again and grrrrrr it did not work, so again I rang Tesco to explain the phone call yesterday and what was said. The woman on the other end said "As far as I know we have not been having any issues", so someone was telling me porky pies yesterday evening ;0(. She listened to what I had to say and then said have you checked you computers time, because of the clocks going forward. So I said cheerio. I changed the month to April, low and behold I did the payment process and it worked yayyyyyy. So if you shop online and have an issue paying for something check you computers clock, it will save you pulling your hair out and biting your nails down to the quick. Not only that it will stop you getting so up tight you want to throw something ha ha ha. I am all calm now. It is still blowing a gale outside and before I tackled the Tesco problem, I lay in bed listening to the wind blowing the terret swinger bells on the pigeon box. At 6.30 am I was up feeding Marmite as she was wrecking the boat to get my attention. She has learnt that if her food bowl is empty all's she has to do is cause havoc and she will get fed, the saucy little minx. With her fed I could settle back down in bed to listen to the bells. I did not get up till 9am, which is unknown for me, but hey I am not working so why not. Paddy managed to cross his legs until then and I did not see any reason for getting up to early. Having got dressed he was my first job of the morning, secondly the stove was lit and then yep I tackled Tesco, which was all my fault. I will check everything next time, before having to spend money on a phone call. We will be moving to Foxton today for the weekend, where we hope to catch up with some friends, so I will post more then. Have a lovely weekend. Chat soon xx


  1. A Punch and a kick for being so quick !!!.that was our retort to pinch Punch .....
    Don't rub it that you don't work so you can lay in bed till 9 !!!...I dont work on a Monday it is good to have a choice about having a lay in ...I usually still get up early though so I can make the most of my own creative time ...he he textile teacher every other day but what do I do on my day off .....yes textiles !!...sewing my own projects.........mind wait till the 6 weeks holidays ....then we see some lay ins !!!.have a great weekend ....xx

  2. LOL I am also usually an early riser, but this morning having got up to the cat it was so nice to just lay in for a change.
    The six week holidays will soon be here, as the time seems to fly past these days. xx


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