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Monday, 28 February 2011

Crick to Mountain Barn Br 27.

Hi Friends.

We are now moored at Mountain Barn bridge 27 after a short hop, skip and a jump. The chill in the wind made it a cold run, but we are now toastie warm inside the boat, with both fires stoked up.
The morning began early with a Robin singing a merry little tune outside. He was then followed by a Wren, who was trying to sing louder and longer it seemed. Before we knew it the bird song was filling the dull morning air. I got up and made us both a coffee, and returned back to bed to enjoy it under the duvet (The coffee that is).
The temperature over night dropped to -0.6c, so it was a chilly start as we set off from our weekend mooring. First port of call was the sanitary station to empty the toilet cassette and to get rid of rubbish. Jo and John on NB Acen were moored opposite and John gave us a cheery hello and a wave as we set off towards the tunnel. Just as we approached Crick Tunnel, we were hailed down for two bags of Taybrite, which I delivered on the way back. When we are going through tunnels, if I am not at the tiller, I usually potter around in the cabin. The kettle is usually on the stove boiling ready for the next cuppa.
Due to the cold start to Monday, there was nothing else moving until we reached Yelvertoft, where NB Euphoria was just leaving their Winter mooring. They are off to do the Leeds and Liverpool, so we wished them a safe journey and hope to see them sometime throughout the year.
Having arrived at the Mountain Barn mooring, we tied up and closed the boat up against the weather, which has gotten worse, it is now raining and there is a breeze blowing. Paddy has been running up and down the boat like a loony because their is a gas gun going off in the field close by. Gas guns are used by farmers to scare the pigeons off of their crops.
What ever happened to the good old scarecrow?
Paddy does not like loud bangs, so this is driving him nuts, but he must learn to live with it. Marmite is fast asleep in the engine room on her bed which has a lovely view out of the engine room porthole. She has a nice view of the birds.
As the afternoon is wearing on, my mind must drift towards thinking about tonights dinner. I have Apple Crumble for pudding, but not sure what to have for dinner. I guess I will have to do a raid on the cupboard to see what delights are hidden.
Tomorrow we are heading for Welford, so I will post more then if we have a signal.

Chat soon xx

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