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Monday, 11 February 2013

A snowy Monday start.


Our Monday morning welcome was a covering of snow. It started snowing last night at 5pm and was still snowing when we went to bed at 10.30pm, so it was no surprise to see a lot of the white stuff when I opened the back cabin doors this morning.


Paddy and I were up and off the boat for his walk. I was more excited about it than Paddy, he looked at me as if to say “Not again”. I absolutely love the snow and so could not resist taking some photographs.


It is very picturesque.


Watford Locks look stunning with a coating of snow.


I can see me going out after coffee to take more photographs. But before I can play the back cabin stove has to be lit and jobs need to be done, then I will be off to take a few snaps.


  1. Hi Jo,
    Just to say we sympathise with the battery situation - we are having similar problems. Today we had them checked out at Nantwich Marina and ended up having one replaced, however we are not holding our breath that we've cured the problem, seems that in the world of boating batteries are like death and taxes!
    All the best
    Ali and Barrie (nb Micky Jay)

  2. Hi Ali and Barrie. Welcome on board.
    I am sorry your also having problems. What system have you got on board and what issues are you going through??
    I think I am going to go grey or even bald if this is not sorted out soon.

    Jo x

    1. Hi Jo,
      Yes we too feel we've gone (more) grey with all this battery trouble! When we moved onto the boat last October we were told the batteries were 6 months old but we never felt that they were performing properly. Consequently we watch very little TV and even ration our radio listening, we had them checked and were told they were fine, we had a Sterling battery management system fitted and an Adverk alternator booster installed, none of which made any difference. Finally Barrie spent a few hours down the engine 'ole testing each cell and emerged even more confused! This week we took our findings to Nantwich Marina who couldn't understand it either so removed and re-tested all the batteries, finding one battery that was under performing so that was replaced (££££) and so far so good a small improvement seen. We still don't watch much TV but that's cos there's not much on!
      Ali x

  3. Hi Ali.

    When you live on board the batteries are vital for a happy living enviroment. I have heard of the Sterling gear, but we have never had it. Keith and I have spent hours in our engine room taking down measurements from the battery monitor etc, I think we know all there is to know about our system and Keith knows electrics very well, so he knows there is a problem, we now need to get the company to agree, which means we will go into dry dock to black the boat in Uxbridge and instead of going on to the Thames as planned, we have to head back up to Whaley Bridge, so we can have our unit tested. I am ever hopefully that once and for all we will get this problem sorted.
    I do hope that your batteries continue to improve and you can then watch more TV should anything good come on.
    Jo x


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