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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Watford Locks to High House.

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Travelled 8 miles, worked 7 locks in a time of 5 hours 25 minutes.

Wooo hoo it was a good day to pull up sticks and move off after talking to Kuranda yesterday and working out a course of action to sort out our issues. So we are on the move south to get our blacking done first.


At 8.25am we left our mooring for the past couple of days.


We waved to Del as we passed by at Norton Junction and turned onto the main line of the GU at 9.15am.


We stopped above Buckby top lock to fill up with water and empty a toilet cassette, it was then time to see how slippery the locks were going to be. The thought was if it was to bad we would descend the first of the seven locks and moor up, but as it turned out it was not to bad as long as I watched my footing.


It was wonderful to be moving on such a calm and pleasantly warmish day. The snow was melting slowly in places and yet in others there were icicles hanging from the trees.


Keith did his bit to help with closing gates and winding down paddles on the offside, which meant I did not have to keep crossing the lock gates. As we got to the second to last lock, Keith noticed there was a boat behind us which we had not seen earlier, so we waited in the lock for them to join us and we descended the last two locks together. We left NB Adderbury at the bottom of Whilton Locks, where they wanted to buy a gas bottle. Whilst on the move I warmed up some sausage rolls, which we ate on the move along with a homemade chocolate chip cookie, washed down with a hot cup of coffee, I felt warmed up to the core again as we moved on past Weedon Bec and then on to High House.


We moored up just past High House Bridge, locked the boat up and walked back to see our friends David and Elaine on their boat Patience. Keith and I always love catching up with them both and hearing all their news over a coffee, before we knew it a couple of hours had flown by and it was time to leave them in peace. Back on the boat dinner was put on and mog and dog were fed. The  day has been a good one and I am so pleased to be moving, we are heading down south for blacking.

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