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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Canon 1100D is driving me mad.

At the beginning of November, I bought a new Canon 1100D from Jessops. I had only had it two days when an Error 30 message appeared on the screen. The whole message says the following
" Error 30 shooting is not possible due to an error. Turn the camera off an on again or reinstall the battery". I did as the message asked and I removed the battery and left the camera to stand over night, but no change so I got on a bus and headed off back to Jessops. When they tested the camera they flicked the mirror in the camera and hey presto it worked. 
Having got the camera back to the boat, it worked ok for a couple of days, but then it did the same thing again, so once again I took the battery out and left the camera again over night. Hey presto the camera worked ok again. After a further episode and once again doing the removal of the battery thing, I thought things had settled down. But no such luck, yesterday Error 30 is back and this time it will not go away, I have tried everything I know and have been told to try. I suspect that it is a shutter problem and this time it seems to be fatal. With Jessops now out of business, I am stuck with a camera that I cannot use. I have contacted the administrators of Jessops and Canon and now have to wait to hear from one or both of them. Thankfully I still have the box and the till receipt, so I have to be hopeful that this can be sorted out. It seems that everything we buy at the moment goes wrong, instead of happening in three's for us it seems to be in fives and sixes. 


  1. Hi Jo. The Err code 30 on a Canon dslr does indeed relate to a shutter problem which could either be mechanical or electronic. If due to an electronic glitch, sometimes removing the battery, including the memory battery within the battery compartment for 10 minutes or so before replacing could fix it. If not, then it is out of the realms of a DIY repair. Even though Jessops can no longer honour their guarantee, I feel sure Canon will be able to sort something on such a new camera.

  2. Jo,
    I would expect you still have a warranty with Canon UK who should repair the camera. As for everything going wrong...... When we eventually met remind me NOT to invite you aboard! :-)

  3. How annoying - even more annoying that you 'can't take it back' as such. Hope it all turns out ok but keep your chin up , we feel the same some times about it seeming to happen to us more than other people - one thing after another!

  4. It seems your not the only one with this problem...

  5. Did you purchase it on a credit card? And did it cost over a £100? You can claim against them if you did. Sadly Cannon are getting quite notorious for the bad quality shutters these days. But try contacting them direct there must be a manufacturers warrenty. Good luck.


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