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Friday, 1 February 2013

Day 4 at Crick.

Having had what I call a quiet day yesterday, the evening was much more entertaining, because we put on our glad rags and walked to the Red Lion Pub in the village to meet up with Steve and Nina for a meal and a wonderful evening of chatter. The food was superb as was the company, I think we covered most subjects but toilets never got mentioned once even though we are both on boats. Steve and Nina gave us a lift back to the bridge crossing over the canal, so we did not have to walk all the way back in the dark and we hope to see them over the weekend again for a coffee. For us it was a late night, back at the boat at 10.30pm, I then desired a coffee, so we sat up and watched a bit of The Jonathan Ross Show, before finally crawling into bed and snuggling up beneath the duvet. The good thing about a late night was Keith actually managed to sleep longer before walking up, he slept till 5am for a change and then got back to sleep until 7am, which was when I made us a cup of tea and we sat in bed watching Daybreak, where a blast from the past appeared on TV having first appeared thirty years ago on TV-AM, blimey that makes me feel old because I remember it well. Where has that thirty years gone?

Up and about at 8.30am, Paddy was the first to get my attention, because he wanted to go out, so we left the boat and set off along the towpath, only to be accosted by a large tan labrador, who despite being yelled at by its owner continued to pester Paddy, who was getting more and more agitated. I just kept walking, because my worry was this dog would try and jump on Paddy who would have freaked out. Eventually the dog did return to his owner, who did not it on a lead, so having walked as far as Paddy wanted, we returned to the boat past this dog and I have to say I gave the owner a scowling look. I could have said something, I felt what was the point. If you want to let you dog have a run, take it out into a field, loose dogs on a muddy towpath are a nightmare, especially when your dog in becoming a nervous wreck.

Back at the boat, Paddy and Marmite had their breakfast and then I had mine. Keith put the generator on to charge the batteries up as today was the day for fitting the replacement battery monitor and shunt. Once the batteries were charged, it was time to take up the flooring in the back cabin yet again and Keith got on with the task of changing the shunt over and then the battery monitor, he also put some fuses in line and as he was down in the bottom of the boat he greased the nipples on the propshaft. I was as always the gopher, because once Keith is on his knees it takes a crane to get him up again ( I am joking). An hour and a half later the job was done and the battery monitor was set up properly, so now we just wait to see if it works better than the last one. By the time we finished, it was time for lunch and the usual coffee. After lunch I swept the back cabin stove chimney before relighting the back cabin stove so I could cook dinner, Keith went off to the post office to send our old battery monitor and shunt back to Kuranda and came back with a carrot and walnut cake, some chocolate and crisps, he really knows the way to my heart ;0). With the back cabin fire roaring a treat, I put a pan on with flannels in to boil and got on with some more hand washing. Just as well make the most of the fire to get some boiling done.

The afternoon is now meandering towards the evening, and soon dinner will need to be cooked, animals will need feeding and TV to be watched, so I will wish you a very pleasant weekend and say cheerio for now x.

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