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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Great Seabrook to Marsworth.

Map picture

Travelled 2.1 miles, worked 2 locks and 1 swing bridge in a time of 1 hour 5 minutes.

It was a  typical wintery day, a cold wind blowing, but it was nice to be on the move again, because the wind was not as brisk as yesterday, it did seem warmer today, I did not have my gloves on for starters.


Having got ourselves sorted with all the usual morning jobs, we were ready for the off at 9.15am. I walked to the swing bridge to open it for Keith to bring the boat through. It was then onward to pass Grebe Canal Cruisers.


and then onward to the pair of Marsworth Locks.


Both the locks were almost set in our favour, so very little work was required on my behalf.  So it was just a short jaunt today, we were very luck to get a mooring at the junction, we didn’t think we would, but we have.


It was the last mooring space available, again the moorings are heaving with boats. Once moored up we popped up to see if Les and Jac on NB Valerie were on board as they were moored above the third of the Marsworth Locks, unfortunately there was no one home, but I am sure we will see them at some point.


The Startops Reservoir is now full and there is a lot of waterfowl enjoying the surroundings. I am hoping to walk around the reservoirs if we stay for a few days.

We were not surprised to see the White lion has now closed down. We ate there a few years ago, the meal was not bad, but very expensive for meatballs and spaghetti. Hence when we were here last we ate at the Anglers Rest. I am looking forward to having a nose around the village whilst we are hear and so I may be posting more photographs. Dinner tonight is Liver and Onions, which will soon be cooking in the back cabin stove.

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