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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Marsworth walk.

Keith and I took ourselves out for a walk around the village.


The old BW yard and the site of a former concrete batching plant is no more, I first spoke about this in 2010. The site is going to become a housing development with 12 new dwellings and conversion of the BW building. Website.


We walked along the towpath to the road bridge and then walked up into the village.


Someone’s spelling leaves a lot to be desired.


The Old Manor House is a grade 2 listed building, timber framed with brick infill. It is rather stunning.


All Saints church is from the 13th-14th Century, built of stone and flint. A lot of renovation was carried out by Rev. Wragg in the 19thC. What is interesting is there is no wall or railings around the church.


The Red Lion is low-beamed partly thatched 18th-c pub. What is interesting is the thatched part of the pub because the front part of the roof is tiled, this is not something I have seen before. Maybe they ran out of thatch LOL.


These stocks are opposite the Red Lion Pub, I wonder if they put drunks in them.


Having done a circular walk around the village, we ended up back at the road bridge and the White Lion pub. It seems it closed under a cloud. With so many pubs closing this is just another one to add to the list. As I said in a previous posting we ate there and it was expensive and not a real boaters pub. If you want a real pub then go to the Anglers Retreat.


I love the fact that the Gents toilet is an outside loo. They do have their own pond.


The pub is on the Buckinghamshire side and if you walk across the road your in Hertfordshire.



In between your in no mans land. After a good old stroll, it was back to the boat, where my liver and onions were cooking nicely. Coffee was enjoyed with a few shortbread biscuits and the TV went on. During the afternoon it has been trying to snow, so we may be doing the Aylesbury are with a touch of the white stuff.

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