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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Aylesbury Town Centre.


After a funny old nights sleep where I dreamt about shooting someone in a cowboy movie and I beat a professional sports man at his own sport, I was up and off the boat with Paddy at 8.30 am. We had a walk up the towpath and back again, he was not to bothered about walking to far.

After breakfast and we had run the generator, we walked up into a quiet town centre.  Aylesbury is known as a bustling market town located just north of the Chiltern Hills, today it was not so much bustling but meandering along.


The farmers market was on and is always held on the last Tuesday of the month.


We paid a visit to St. Marys Church, which from the outside looks big, but on the inside it is quite small but very pretty.


The houses surrounding the church are Almshouses, which were donated to the town by Thomas Hickman in his will dated 1695. Thomas gave land for the poor and five cottages to be used as almshouses. The trust property consists of a house and shop in Market Square, a house in Church Street and about 16 acres of land. Not sure whether the land is still there, but the houses are and still in use.


We paid a visit to the Museum, which we both found interesting. There is also a Roald Dahl children’s gallery, which we did not visit.


A statue  Benjamin Disraeli stands in the cobbled market.


There are plenty of shops, places to eat, charity shops and places to visit. I really like this lovely town.


We had a fabulous lunch in the Peking Inn. The place is immaculate and the food is very scrummy.


Waterside Theatre, unfortunately they are not showing anything we fancy seeing, which is a shame as we both fancy seeing a play of some sort, but I am not into ballet.


In front of the theatre is this statue of Ronnie Barker. We just had to have our photographs taken with him.

aylesbury 2013 

I really must stop frowning.  The Bronze statue of Ronnie was unvailed in September 2010. Ronnie Barker made his professional debut on 15 November 1948, at the old County Theatre in Aylesbury's Market Square, with a small role playing Lt Spicer in JM Barrie's Quality Street. The hoarding behind is the new Waitroseand Travelodge they are building between the theatre and the canal basin. A lovely day, in a lovely town.

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