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Monday, 4 February 2013

From Crick to Norton Junction in a gale.

Map picture

Travelled 5.37 miles, worked 7 locks in a time of 3 hours 15 minutes.

Yesterday afternoon, Keith and I walked round to Crick marina to visit our friends Nina and Steve on NB Katrina, we spent a lovely couple of hours with them chatting and laughing whilst drinking coffee, I indulged in a piece of Nina’s apple strudel which was OMG wonderful. Nina very kindly supplied Keith with some material for his rag rugs, which when we got back to the boat Marmite immediately investigated.


She was not interested in the contents she just wanted to play in the bag. Many thanks to Nina and Steve for a wonderful couple of hours on their lovely boat.


This morning we left Crick at 10am with the wind picking up, but the sun was shining, so a perfect day to make a move. I did not make either of the fires up because we were going to go through Crick Tunnel.


Onward through Crick Tunnel. I love looking at the inside of tunnels, because many years years ago men built them by hand, they did not have the machinery we use these days and sadly many lost their lives building the waterways and tunnels I love so much.


Just after the tunnel we saw our first lambs of 2013, I have to say they looked a little cold with the brisk wind blowing a gale across the field.


At the top of Watford Locks we took on water, emptied a toilet cassette and got rid of rubbish. There were no volunteer lock keepers on so we had the flight to ourselves.


The wind was blowing across the locks, making it is incredibly difficult to keep the gates closed, I almost got blown off my feet.


Because of the strength of the wind, I went ahead and set the locks, so Keith could go straight in and did not have to wait in the pounds, this made his life much easier.

norton junction

By the time we moored up at 1.15pm the wind was getting very fierce, but having moored up, we closed the boat up and I made us some lunch and then got the saloon stove going.

Joy of joy we have a full 3G signal for a change, so I will endeavour to gets lots done on the net. The sun is still shining, so we are getting some free power from the solar panel. We have an engineer coming to look at our Victron for us, as we are pretty sure there is a problem with it, so fingers crossed it is nothing to serious.

Exciting news Richard III has been found in Leicester.


I think that is amazing and what a fantastic thing for Leicester.

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