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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Day 5 at Crick.

January gone and February trundling along, with the weather expected to get colder this coming week and if we are really lucky some more of the white stuff. 

This morning began the same as most mornings with a cuppa in bed, a glance at the news and then a stroll along the towpath with Paddy. This morning though we had the whole towpath to ourselves, there was no other dog to be seen, so having walked past the moored boats with him on his lead, I let him off for a run, Paddy never runs ahead very far and will always keep looking back to make sure he can see me. With a cold northerly breeze there seemed to be a spring in his step, maybe it was all the new smells he kept sniffing or like me he was enjoying the song from the Robin, which seemed happy to follow us. The Moorhens were nattering to each other, no doubt talking about the coming of Spring and the thought of next building for their new family. The sun was warm on my face as we walked back to the boat, where Keith had laid up breakfast. Paddy and Marmite were fed first and then I had my breakfast. The generator went on to charge the batteries, we were also getting some charge from the solar panel. I got the back cabin stove going, as there were a few embers still glowing in the grate. After the generator had done its job, we shut the boat up and headed off into the village to the co-op to get some much needed shopping, the fridge has been looking rather bare for the past few days. Shopping got, we lugged our rucksacks back through the village and once on the boat I stowed the shopping away. Sausages and a sliced onion were put into the back cabin stove for lunch, I just fancied hot dogs, the kettle began to purr on the top of the stove for coffee. With little else planned for the day ahead, the TV went on and we sat and watch “The History of Mr Polly” on Film4 whilst we ate lunch. The older I get the more I like black and white movies.

In a previous posting I wrote about the new visitor mooring consultation. It is vital that roving traders read the proposals for staying at 22 of the south east mooring sites, because it could impact on their businesses. C&RT need your feed back.


Both Keith and I have sent in our suggestions. The review on the mooring situation has been long over due, but roving traders do need to make their suggestions and give feedback.

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