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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

New door mats and cushions.

An overcast start to the day again, although it does feel somewhat warmer than of late and if the weather forecasters are to be believed by the end of the week it will feel more like Spring. The snowdrops and Daffodils are out in places so maybe they know Spring is almost upon us?

My morning began with the screaming sound of some emergency service vehicles going past with their sirens blaring away. There was something amiss somewhere. Paddy ran up and down the saloon and galley in his usual frantic manor when sirens go off. He has such acute hearing that it drives him made. He used to be really bad, but over the years he has grown calmer.

After doing all the usual morning chores, Keith and I headed off back into town to get a few items for the boat. I wanted some new Coir Mats for the engine room, because the old ones have had their day. We had already done some price checking online and B&M were the cheapest, so that was our first port of call.


We bought three with “Home is where the heart is” on them.


And a welcome, goodbye one for the door way into the boat. These will be put down once I have painted the engine room floor when we are in dry dock at the end of March. Newly painted floor deserves new mats.


I also bought a couple of new cushions for the saloon. This ones Keith’s.


And this one is mine.


Marmite soon decided that she liked the Home Cushion and so tried it out for comfort, it has to be said she did not look that comfortable.

After lunch I realised that we did not have a TV paper for next week, so I walked back up into town to get one. Before getting there Tom Hill who delivers our coal arrived to supply coal and gas to the basin, so Keith and I had a quick chat with him as he unloaded the lorry, I then left Keith to natter whilst I walked back into town. The town was pretty busy with the small market taking place in front of the county court. Aylesbury is a lovely town and I am so pleased we made it here.

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