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Thursday, 7 February 2013

A waiting game.

Brrrrr it has been a chilly few days, with a snow shower yesterday.


It did not settle and soon turn to rain.

We are at the moment playing a waiting game. On Monday I posted that we were having a Victron engineer coming to see us. Well Simon arrived Monday evening and got on with the task of trying to discover our problem. He connected the Victron up to his computer to see how it was working, he checked battery connection and did other checks and decided that we did have a problem with one of our cut of switches and wanted to do something with our wiring, but because it was getting on for 7pm he would come back and do the work, so we are have to wait for a phone call to say when he is coming back. So we have made some progress, the downside is we may have already knackered our new batteries because of the problems we have been having and we will only know if this is true once the work has been carried out and we charge the batteries right up again. I can see more expense taking place.

Tuesday we moved on to the Long Buckby Wharf moorings, to make it easier for Simon to get to us with his equipment when he comes back, Keith then contacted the local enforcement officer George to let him know why we will be here for a while, which George was alright with, so we do not have to worry about over staying. I had not lit the back cabin stove on case the engineer came, but as the day wore on it got colder and colder and so as the afternoon drew into the evening, I had to light the stove to warm the back cabin up before bed time, I still ended up wearing PJ’s and socks to bed.

Yesterday (Wednesday), still waiting for a phone call. I got on with cleaning the brass in the back cabin. later in the morning Dave and Mo on NB Emily moored up behind us and we stood out on the bank having a good chat about where we had all been and what we had been up to. The last time we saw them was 2 years ago at Foxton, so it was nice to have a catch up. Lunchtime came and went and boredom set in, so the TV went on and we sat and watch “The History of Mr Polly” on Film4. Mr Tesco was due to deliver our food order between 2pm and 3pm, so at 2pm I walked down the drive to the road to wait for his phone call, which came at 2.30pm and the gentleman asking where we were. I asked him if he knew THe New Inn, which he did and so found us easily.


It is sad to see The New Inn all boarded up, I hope they find new tenants soon or do something else with the place. Mr Tesco man arrived and drove down beside the boat. I was on board the boat and Keith passed me the trays of food which I unloaded and passed the trays back. In no time at all Mr Tesco man was thanked for his help and was on his way. Food stowed away, it was time to sort something out for dinner and then I put my feet up and watch a bit of evening TV before heading off to bed. We have only been here a couple of days and already I am champing at the bit to get moving. But until we get the work done we are going no where.

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