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Friday, 15 February 2013

Stoke Bruerne to Cosgrove.

Map picture
Travelled 6.2 miles, worked 7 locks in a time of 3 hours 5 minutes.
Our 48 hours were up at Stoke Bruerne, so it was time to move on. After a chilly night we woke to bright sunshine and a ground frost, a perfect day for cruising. Before leaving at 8.40am we said “cheerio” to Geraldine and Michael, who were getting ready for the day ahead. Having untied the boat, I walked to the first lock to set it ready and whilst there got chatting to Mike who owns Historic Working Boat Jubilee, who is away at the moment being fitted out, she is due back very soon, which he is excited about. It is always a pleasure to catch up with Mike and we will see him on our return journey.
The last time we cruised further than Stoke Bruerne was 3 years ago, when we went down to Pisces 75th Birthday Party, so it is nice to be heading south, even if it is going to be brief. More on that as the time approaches, but I will say it is battery related. I will say our Thames and Kennet and Avon trip maybe on hold.
There was plenty of water, so as I worked one lock the next one was filling with the overflow, so perfect. I enjoy working the Stoke Bruerne Locks, they are not to difficult and the views are picturesque across the valley. Because they are close together, I walked from one to the other taking in the stunning countryside. Life does not get any better than the life I have right now. Sun on my face and the chill of an over night frost on my back. With the sunshine being so low, I swapped my woolly hat for a my brimmed hat to keep the sun out of my eyes, I hate squinting as it usually means I end up with a headache.
Having cleared the bottom lock we were on our way.
After clearing the locks, the River Tove enters the canal at a weir and it was certainly flowing well, so Keith put the power on to make sure it did not push us about.
The Tove has burst its banks all down the valley and there is flooding as far as the eye can see. I do so feel for the farmers who have crops rotting in the fields. Watch for the food prices going sky high again this year.
Saw this lovely boat at Yardley Gobion. I love the lines.
All to soon we were at Cosgrove and decided to moor above the lock on the village moorings. The sun is still out and it is really quite warm in the sunshine.


  1. It's not often the Tove is high enough to come over that weir -- it normally just enters at the arm below the locks. You didn't happen to notice whether Briar Rose was still afloat at Thrupp Wharf, did you? Must go up soon and check everything's OK.

  2. Hi Adam. We have never seen the weir flowing in all the times we have been past it.
    I am afraid I did not happen to notice no, but I am sure she is LOL.


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