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Friday, 8 February 2013

Cold start.

Yesterday I began to get a bit stir crazy so I made a batch of Chocolate Chip Muffins and then took myself off for a walk down the canal, after all there are only so many boat jobs you can do before you have exhausted them all, so with camera in hand I set off for a stroll.


The Snowdrops are very much in evidence in the hedgerows, which brings us ever closer to Spring.


Wilton and Buckby has their own volunteer group with a very nice website. Sadly like most areas the towpath in places is littered with dog poo, despite the signs up asking people to pick up after their dogs and the fact that you can be fined for not picking up. No one to police it so people do as they please. Grrrrrrrrr.


For those of you who have passed Anchor Cottage or even been in to the shop, the cottage next door Anchorage Cottage is up for sale. It is a stunning little cottage and I am sure it will find new owners, because it is so attractive and in a lovely location.


I was joined by a pair of geese on patrol along the pound, they were being very vocal as geese are, but never ventured close enough for me to get a close up. I found myself chatting to them to pass the time of day as you do, I told you I was going stir crazy.


I walked down a few locks before turning around and walking back past some beautiful properties on this stretch. At bridge 13 a new house has been built names Lockmans Halt, which is a nice addition to the canal side. We still have not heard from our engineer, so we may just have to ring him.

Over night the temperature got down to –3.3c so a cold and frosty start to the day. The back cabin was a tad chilly, but as the stove was still luke warm, it had stopped the cabin being freezing. 7am I got up and made us a warming cup of tea and we sat and discussed what we would be doing for the day. The answer to that was very little, unless our engineer shows up. 8am Marmite came and said “Good Morning”, which actually meant “Oi you get you and feed me”, Paddy was also on the move, so he needed to go out, which meant I had to get out of a nice warm bed, but he cannot cross his legs for ever.


Paddy and I walked down the locks watching the sun come up. There were patches of ice on the surface of the canal, meaning Winter is still keeping us in its grip for the time being.

9am Keith rang Simon our engineer to see what the situation was and to ask whether he would be coming today and the answer was yes after lunch, so fingers crossed he comes. Dave and Mo on NB Emily moved off behind us, but I dare say we will see them again sometime. Whilst sitting down with a coffee there was a knock on the port hole and standing outside was Al off of NB Derwent6, Al was off shopping in Daventry, but we had a quick natter before she headed off to catch the bus and we will catch up with her and Del as they are moored up at Norton Junction on the Leicester Line. After the chilly start the sun has been putting in an appearance, which has melted the over night ice, but we can expect more of the same tonight.

It is now 1.20pm and still no engineer, but I am sure he will get to us eventually. So watch this space for the next installment.


  1. Hi Jo,
    Hope your engineer turned up. Would you be good enough to give Del and Al our regards when you see them please?

    Its so nice to read your posts at the moment as Chris and I hired a boat in your area a few years back. Nice to see and read names we recognise.
    warmest regards
    Steve and Chris

  2. Hiya Steve and Chris.

    Engineer did come and changed a few things but it has made no difference to the batteries, so we are going to have to bite the bullet and get more new batteries.

    I will indeed say hello to Del and Al for you.

    Jo x


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