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Monday, 25 February 2013

Puttenham Top Lock to Aylesbury Basin.‏

Map picture

Travelled 5 miles, worked 7 locks in a time of 2 hours 55 minutes.


We left our mooring at 9.15am with deep anticipation of what was to come, because it was to be my first time in Aylesbury. It was a chilly morning with drizzle in the air, but it was no where near as cold as the previous couple of days.


There was no lack of water.


Whilst I closed the bottom gates on one side, when in bridge ‘oles Keith closed the other side for me, meaning I did not have to walk all the way round the lock again with the towpaths being so muddy.


We past by Bates boatyard, which specializes in wooden boats and got a wave from a couple of gentlemen working there.

On our journey we saw a pair of Buzzards, a Kingfisher and a dog Fox, which was walking a long the towpath. SAM_4497

Work on the new moorings for the Aylesbury Canal Society boats is coming along nicely, they hope to be moving there in May.


It really looks impressive and will be a nice addition to the Aylesbury Arm.


Flowers had been left at the second to last lock at Broughton, I always find it very sad to see flowers by the canal, because you know something dreadful must have happened.


We had arrived at Aylesbury Basin.


Winding was a little tight, but we managed to get round. We had not been told how tight it would be LOL.


We reversed into the arm and moored up on the 14 day moorings. The downside was the amount of dog poo alongside the boat, so I will have to clean that up before settling in.

We are looking forward to having a wander around Aylesbury and see what it has to offer.

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