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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Bed room chatter

Hi Friends from around the world.

I am afraid it is the same old as far as the weather is concerned today. The temperature got down to -7.5c overnight and so we are locked in tight now, but I am not worried at all.

This morning I peered at the clock bleery eyed to see it was only 6am. Why on earth would I want to be awake at 6am on a Sunday morning?
Keith got up and paid a visit to the smallest room on the boat, so it was my chance to open up the stoves. I raked the old ash out of both of them, stoked them up and waited for the heat to start permiatting around the cabin's. Whilst the heat was building, it was time for an early morning cuppa, which of course we drank in bed. This morning's topic of conversation was school day's. It is fascinating that once you begin talking about something, how it brings back memories. I went to three schools in my early years. The first was Hurstbourne Priors Primary School, that got closed down due to lack of number's, so we got moved to Longparish Cof E School, which I stayed at until 11 yrs old. I then went to Testbourne Community School for the rest of my schooling. At my school we were put into houses and they were all named after birds of prey. Merlin (Yellow) Hawk (Red), Kestrel (Green) and Eagle (Blue). I was in Merlin but cannot for the life of me think who was head of house. The headmaster at the time was Mr Davis and he was a very fair but strict head and everyone loved him, well those who behaved lol. Those who misbehaved felt the force of the cane, either dished out by Mr Davis or Mr Walters known by everyone as Jock. We then got into a discussion about what happened at Christmas. I recall we had house parties, where we were allowed to take in party clothes, which we would change into part way through the day. We would also take in some party food and share out with other house mates.
I wonder if they still do this?
My favourite lesson's were English with Mr Pascoe and Domestic Science with Miss Hack. I loved cookery and still do to this day all because of Miss Hack who was my favourite teacher. She taught me all I know today. I also loved Drama with Mr Jones and yes he was Welsh. I hated Math's even though my tacher Mr Salter tried very hard to help me take it all in. Despite extra lessons by him I still failed Maths miserably. Physical Education with Miss Woolley was lovely when it was warm, but in the Winter it was perishing. I recall the days in a PE skirt, playing Hockey on an ice pitch at the top of the playing field, with the wind blowing a hooley. It was not pleasant. In the early days we were not allowed to wear tracksuits. Before I left tracksuits were bought in, which was an absolute blessing. Ohhhhh school days, they do bring back good and bad memories. Keith has similar memories of his life at school. I was never a grade A student, but I did not do to bad for a country girl LOL.
With our tea drunk, we settled back down under the duvet for another hour. It was then time to get up and venture out with Paddy. Whilst I took him for a quick walk, Keith cooked breakfast. This morning's delight was Sausage, Bacon, Poached Eggs on Toast and very scrummy it was too. It is now 10am and I am trying to decide what to do with myself today. I feel a walk coming on, if I can get myself motivated.

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