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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Oopsy Daisy Gently Does It.

Hi Folks.

When I left the post this morning, little did I know how bad things had got outside. Having led in bed drinking tea, it was time to roll up the bed and shut the cupboard door. Once all dressed, Paddy had to venture out up the towpath. No sooner I stepped off of the boat, I knew I was in for a delicate walk. The towpath was lethal and I mean lethal. It had been covered in compacted snow for days, and then for it to rain in the early hours, this has made the compacted snow turn to glass. To actually make it a long the towpath without ending on my rear, I walked along the edge of the path. Paddy decided he was not keen on the skating conditions, so was quick to do his business, turn around and walk gingerly towards the safety of the boat. Like me Paddy is a woose. I have no desire to fall down and break a hip. Back onboard, Keith had laid up breakfast, which was soon eaten. The stoves were then raked out and stoked up. Next chore was to refill the Copper Kettle which stays on the back cabin stove and keeps hot all day incase we have visitors. Having checked e-mails etc online, we then ventured back out to walk into town, making sure we kept to the edges of the towpath. Once off of the towpath the path around the basin and down into the town was fine.
My first stop was the Little Bra, Big Bra shop (click), where I was hoping to get a new fitting done. But as today is classed as another Bank Holiday, it was one of a handful of shops which was closed. No problem I will go there another day.
Second stop was Peacocks where they only had one Gillet (ClickBody Warmer) in the shop and thankfully it was in my size wooo hooo. Keith also wanted a new Waistcoat (Click) and yep you guessed it, they only had one of those as well and it turned out to be in his size as well. Someone must have known we were coming.
Third stop was Steffan's the Jewellers (click) to take Keith's pocket watch back. Three weeks ago I took it in to be repaired, as it was failing to keep time. They had the watch Three weeks, charged us £50 for the repair work and it is still not keeping time. Whilst we booked it back in, I made sure we would not be paying anything further for the repair, because the watch only cost £60 in the first place. We were assured we would not have to pay for any further work to be done, so we will see.
Fourth job, which was unplanned, was to go and see what DVD's were available in Block Buster. We were actually interested in seeing if they had Avatar, but as before Christmas they only had the extended version, which we do not want. We have no need for the directors cuts etc, etc. But whilst in the store Keith spotted The Pacific, which is kind of the next in line from Band of Brother's and Saving Private Ryan. It was directed by Steven Spielberg. We saw the previews for the film on TV, and it looked good. It comes in 6 DVD's and with over £20 off of the price, it seemed well worth the purchase. I bet it is full of blood and guts, which does tend to turn my stomach. But once I know where the nasty bits are I can cover my eyes ha ha ha.
With all jobs acheived or almost acheived, we trudged our way back up to the basin, which is still covered in ice and now has a layer of rain on top, so if it freezes again, then the ice will be even thicker. We got chatting to Don and Gill off of NB Idunno for a few minutes. Light drizzle was now beginning to fall again and lunch was calling my name, so we said our goodbyes and headed off along the still icy towpath.
Lunch done, we are now settled in to watch the afternoon films. I have decided for the safety of myself and my customers, I am staying shut today. I will deliver coal ordered tomorrow, when hopefully the towpath has thawed a bit more.
I hope you have a wonderful day xx

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