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Monday, 13 December 2010

Hate the spammers.

Hi Friends.

I want to personally apologise if you have received an e-mail from my e-mail address and there has been nothing in the subject. If you do receive an e-mail from me without anything in the subject line. PLEASE do not open it. It seems that someone is using my e-mail to contact all my e-mail friends. To say I am livid is an understatement. My blood is boiling. I have received messages on my phone, e-mail and Facebook asking if I have sent out messages and of course I have not, so I think I am going to be spending the day apologising for something which is not my fault.
Spammers should be shot at dawn.

Sent to a deserted island, with only the clothes they stand up in. Better still with no clothes.
Be hung drawn and quartered.

Any other ideas would be welcome at this point, because I am happy to do all of the above. I am normally a mild mannered person, but this has really annoyed me. But it seems it is easy for spammers to get your e-mail address Clickety Click for advice.
I have spent the past hour or so changing all passwords and info and hope that this will stop the problem.
So once again I apologise if you have received an un-invited e-mail from me.


  1. Hi Jo,
    I have Norton 360 which is automatically updated installed on my computor which has anti-phishing installed on it.I think this would stop any spammers.I might be wrong but I think this is what it refers too.

  2. Hi Jo,

    Hi Jo some tips for a new password, make it something you'll remember but replace letters with symbols. Not going to give any examples on here but everyone knows an I could be a 1..

    Changing your password was the first thing I was going to mention but make sure it makes sense to you. (err, does that sound right?) Hope you get it sorted hun, you're right they're using your email to attempt to "recruit" everyone in your address book...


  3. Or, hung up by a certain part of their anatomy comes to mind!

    We love reading boater's blogs, especially traditional working boats such as yours. For 'people' to hack in and attempt to disrupt the blog process is really sad. Have they got too much time on their hands, or, are they just bored with their own mundane lives?

    We hope you continue to blog undeterred!

  4. Hi to everyone that posted replies to my posting. Thank you for your input.

    I have downloaded a security scanner from Microsoft which is free and will stop everything that can be thrown at me (I hope).
    It seems to may hve been done through Facebook, which is a little worrying.
    My passwords are always made up of allsorts of things and I make them as strong a possible. But it seems some people will stop at nothing to cause agro.
    Mike and Chrissie, I like the part about the anatomy, sounds good to me.
    Nothing will stop me blogging etc, not even these morons.
    Happy Christmas everyone xxxxxxxx


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