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Monday, 27 December 2010

Taking a risk.

Now I am no kill joy. Mind you after you have read this you may think otherwise. But I am going to have my say anyway. For two day's running whilst out walking Paddy, I have seen footprints on the ice. These footprints have been walking up the centre of the canal where we are. If only the person or persons knew just how dangerous their actions are. This stretch of water although frozen, did actually have a boat moving along it just over a week ago, so the ice is not the same thickness all the way across and infact up the centre where these people have walked is at its thinest. Believe it or not I was a young person once, infact I still am young. I did silly things, like climbing trees etc, but never once did I ever walk on frozen rivers, ponds or canals. The danger is staring you in the face. Of course have fun, but do it safely and do not put the lives of others at risk. If someone falls through the ice, the rescue services are then going to put their lives at risk to rescue the person who has fallen through the ice. It is a tragedy waiting to happen at the moment and already this Winter there have been tragedies on frozen ponds and canals. Frozen rivers, canals and rivers always look tempting and offer an idyllic setting. But ice is not normally thick enough to hold your weight and the chance of falling through are extremely high. The water temperature is very cold at the moment, a person’s body will go into cold water shock almost immediately, which can lead to death.
You only have to see the TV news and read the papers to see the tragic consequences of doing out on to frozen water.
I really don't want to spoil anyone’s fun if they are taking advantage of the snow and ice to enjoy themselves, but this is clearly very dangerous behaviour.

Another problem is the fact that dog walkers do not keep an eye on their dogs when out walking. Their dog goes out on to the frozen water and the owner feels the need to go out on to rescue it DON'T. (Please Read). More often than not the dog will get out unhurt and yet you will not. Keeping your dog on its lead is a must when walking near frozen water.

Sorry if I am being a killjoy, I just do not want to read or hear about another tragedy.


  1. I saw some people doing this on a pond recently. No way would I ever do it, I would definitely fall through! Some don't seem to care about the risks!

    Hope you and Keith had a good Christmas.. I have been very lax recently at getting round the blogs, hope to be back on track soon!

  2. Hi LadyB.

    The problem is not only are these people risking their own lives, they are risking the lives of the rescuers. It is so stupid.

    Keith and I had a lovely time, allbeit very quiet. I find it difficult to get round everyones blogs, as there are so many out there these days.
    May I wish you all the very best for the New Year xxx


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