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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Shame on you.

I thought I would come back and have a bit of a rant.

On Monday 6th December, an horrific car crash took place near Market Harborough, in which two people tragically died. When anyone dies it is tragic, but to die in a car accident is devastating. I know because my Gran was knocked down and killed by a car. So when I read that there had been a third car involved and that car had fled the scene, It really upset and annoyed me.
How can anyone justify leaving the scene of an accident?

I really hope that the person driving the third car, either comes forward of their own accord, or someone tells the police who they are and where they live, because justice needs to be seen to be done, for all of the families concerned.
I then got chatting to someone on my Facebook page, who lost his daughter and her friend in a car accident. The driver of the car which caused the accident only got 4 yrs, which equates to 2 yrs for each life. That is not justice in my opinion.
How can someone's life only be worth 2 years?
The family of those who died have to live with the pain for the rest of their lives, whilst the offender, gets on with their lives once they are released from prison. There is something seriously wrong there. But again just my opinion.
I am a big believer in a life for a life or at least a life sentence, meaning life behind bars and not just a few years and then let out.
The lady who knocked my Gran down, was not speeding or drunk, she just did not see my Gran step off of the pavement, and no blame was put on the woman driving the car. However this lady has to live with what she did for the rest of her days. Apparently my Gran stepped in front of the car, without looking for the traffic. I do realise that in some cases it is a pure accident. I do realise all cases have to be taken on merit, but in cases where the driver is either drunk, drugged up, or speeding real sentences have to be given.

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