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Friday, 17 December 2010

A Girlie Day Out.

Hi Friends.

It has been another very cold day today, with the temperature having dropped to -6c overnight. We had no further snow unfortunately, but the ground was very hard and icey.
It is not often that I get to go out on a girlie shopping trip, but today was such a day. I joined Gill on NB Idunno and Chrissie on NB Digitalis for a day of pure girlie shopping. It all began at 10am when we met at Gill's boat. We settled ourselves in Gill's car and tried to program our journey into Gills Sat Nav, but like all computer gadgets it would not play the game, so after 15 minutes of arguing with the Sat Nav, we ignored it and set off towards Leicester regardless. Like all women we nattered along the way and enjoyed the view of snow covered fields. We then relaised we had gone the wrong way, so had to do an about turn and head back the way we had come. It was then we got in a queue of traffic, but at first no evidence as to why we were in a queue. It soon became evident that there had been an accident and the crime scene officers were on scene, so obviously it was not good. An hour and half after setting off, we arrived at Fosse Park and managed to find a parking spot, despite it heaving with Christmas Shoppers. We were not there to Christmas shop, but to browse and just have a nice day out. After parking up our first port of call was the Coffee Shop in Marks and Spencers. Chrissie very kindly bought us all a Coffee. I also had a toasted sandwich and Chrissie a toasted tea cake. The food is prepacked and when you pay for it they take it away and toast it for you. So you know when your food is ready they give you a tab, which flashes and vibrates. Chrissie reckoned you should wear it down your trousers. Now I know why she likes the M&S Coffee Shop. I think we must have put the whole world to right all within a couple of hours, it was then time to get down to some serious browsing. I was looking to buy a pair of shoes. But was open to suggestions as to what to buy. Some of the heels on the shoes today are extremely high and not for me. The highest I have ever worn have been 3 inch heel and that was when I was in my teens. These days I wear sensible shoes and will go up to an inch and a half inch heel. I like to feel comfortable when walking in shoes. Whilst in M&S I also bought some of their Caramalised Onion Chutney, which I adore. Because I do not get to an M&S very often, I bought 3 jars. The Chutney goes really well with Cheese and Boiled Bacon.
We all all enjoyed our look around M&S, so we then moved on to the other stores at Fosse Park. M picked up a nice hat in River Island for £5, it was in the sale and is normally priced at £19.99, so a bargain. I will be wearing it when we are cruising in the Summer. I can honestly say I really enjoyed my time out with Gill and Chrissie, we had a lot of fun looking at the latest fashions and lingerie. M&S, Next and New Look have some beautiful Lingerie in store at the moment, so if your reading this and fancy buying some undies for your loved one men, remember to find out the right size of your partner. I think that some stores could take on what The Little Big Bra Shop in Market Harborough is doing. They are building up customer details and keeping a record at each fitting so that men can refer to these details when buying lingerie sets for their partner, which a fabulous idea, and would save the partner having to return the goods after Christmas, which happens so often. After a fantastic few hours together, Gill, Chrissie and I made our way back to our boats. The roads were very busy with the rush hour traffic.
The temperature is dropping like a stone at the moment and is as I type it is down to -3.4c, so we are in for another cold night and yet more ice on the canal. Stay safe and warm out there xx

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