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Thursday, 30 December 2010

The lurgie has hit the fan.

Hi Blog fans.

It is New Year's Eve, eve and yep the lurgie has hit home. Yesterday's sore throat may have gone, but now I have a head which feels like it has been in a vice and ears full of cotton wool the size of clouds. This is what happens when people just have to spread their germs arghhhhh.
I went to bed at 10pm dosed up to the eyeballs and did not wake up until 2am, when I got up and dosed myself up further. The next thing I knew it was 7am and time to take another load of medication and throat pastilles. Keith reckoned I was moaning a lot in my self. I was probably cursing the person or persons who felt the need to share their bugs with me and goodness knows how many other people, who are down with this lurgie as well. Keith got up just after 8am and did the morning chores, of walking Paddy and stoking the fires. I was left in bed curled up beneath the duvet, where I was sweating my eyeballs out.
Keith bought me toast and a cuppa, which I consumed in bed. I cannot remember the last time I had breakfast in bed. It was probably the last time I was poorly, which would have been some years ago. I am not one to linger in bed, I get bored very quickly, but I did stay put till 10.45am. I then got disturbed by someone knocking on the boat. Keith got up to see who it was. It turned out to be some kid out walking with his family. The child did apologise for needlessly knocking on the boat and went on his way with his mother telling him not to do it again. I needed to get up and so decided to sit in my PJ's and have a hot lemon, whilst reading e-mail's etc.

I have no desire to pass my germs on to other's so I will not be going far today. I only hope that Keith does not catch it off of me. maybe I should get a face mask ha ha ha.
Having had a sore throat, I have been left with a deep husky voice, so very sexy. It would make a great radio or phone message voice, so if anyone wants to hire it out, I do not charge much. Take advantage of it quickly, because it will not last. Right back to my bed with my hot lemon. Have a good day everyone xx


  1. Happy New Year. :)

    Not a nice start to the New Year, hope you get better soon!
    I don't get sick very often either, luckily. It amazes me how often some folk get lurgs - I always wonder if they're eating enough fruit and veggies or something.

  2. Hi Kate.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family.

    It seems everyone you speak to at the moment has the lurg. I am just glad I had my flu jab.
    Since living on the boats I have been far healthier, just unfortunate that I was given a lovely present from some prat lol. But I will be fine.


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