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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Footprints in the snow.

Footprints on the ice.
Hi friends from around the world.

We have another very chilly day ahead. This is the norm now it seems and I am not complaining just yet. I know many are really fed up with this weather for many reasons. I suppose I should feel the same, after all we are stuck and have been since the 26th November, but I really love this weather and appreciate the fact that this is how a Winter should be.
The one thing I have noticed is how the wildlife are coping with this weather and for many here they seem to be doing just fine. The ducks are being fed on a regular basis by the people who live by the canal and by walkers. Even the birds are enjoying lots of food from bird tables and hanging feeders. Even the cheeky Squirrels are enjoying a feast of food supplied by us and others. There has been no sign of the Kingfisher, but who can blame them. They have probably gone to the rivers or coast to find food. Although a local gentleman said last year they were visiting his bird table, so maybe they are not far away. There will of course be casulties due to this cold weather which is very sad.
This morning whilst walking Paddy, I was fascinated by the footprints on the ice. I could not help but wonder, where they had come from and where they were going too. We have Ducks, Moorhens and local cats. I have also spotted Fox prints and a Rabbit. They seem to be using the frozen canal as a way of crossing the canal. This is fine whilst it is frozen but for cats this may put them on the wrong side of the water when it thaws and this will mean more signs going up for lost cats.
So far today, I have:
Folded the bed away.
Stoked the fires.
Swept the floors.
Washed up the breakfast things.
Delivered coal.
Thawed out the water tap and filled tank.
Discussed with a gentleman about the pro's and con's of living afloat.
Put Sausage Rolls in the oven for lunch.
The problem with this weather is, it means easy jobs take twice as long to do, but hey I have all the time in the world. There is always another day to get jobs done, if I run out of daylight hours.
There are only two more sleeps until I get to go out for my Christmas Dinner and I am so excited. Being waited on hand and foot is my idea of luxury. Mind you I will not be able to wear my new shoes if it is still icy. I will have to wear my walking boot's and take my shoes with me to change into, otherwise I am going to break an ankle. Wear a plaster cast for christmas is not my idea of fun.
So as the morning drags itself into the afternoon, I am going to do some lunch before settling down to watch the afternoon films. So have a lovely day xx

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