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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Relaxing Sunday.

Hi Friends.

After an extemely busy day yesterday. I was tucked up in bed after the X-Factor. I just knew Cher was going last night. I still think it is all a fix. Yep by 9.20pm I was snuggled down in my bed. Keith sat up and watched 'Meet The Spartans' made in 2008 it starred Sean Mcguire. I did not even feel Keith come to bed, which is not like me, because I am normally a light sleeper.

7am and we were awake, so I made us a cuppa before we laid in for a bit longer. Before I knew it, it was 8.30am and Paddy was moving around in the saloon, wanting to go out. I very begrudingly got out from under my nice warm duvet, to take him out for his walk. Oh I should mention I did get dressed before heading out, otherwise it would not have been a pretty sight. As Paddy and I stepped off of the boat, it was clear the temperature had dropped below freezing again last night, because the canal was frozen over again, undoing all the work we did yesterday to break up the ice for the hire company. Paddy and I strolled up and back along the towpath, whilst Keith was cooking breakfast. I do love a cooked breakfast in the morning's, but I could not eat on everyday, my waist line just would not take it ;0).
After a wonderful yummy breakfast, I had to sweep the back stove chimney. I get all the glamourous jobs. But needs must, because I like to keep the chimneys swept. You really do not want to see my hands at the moment. They are not very attractive, I have coal miners hands, not that I have ever seen a coal miners hands, but if they are cracked and have ground in coal dust in them then I have them. I am going to have to scrub them clean before we go and eat out on Christmas Day.

Chimney cleaned, fires stoked I had plans to have a quiet day, because yesterday was somewhat manic. So come midday I made us some soup for lunch, then put my feet up to watch the films on TV. First off it was 'Triple Cross' on BBC2 a Second World War drama based on the allegedly true exploits starring Christopher Plummer. Then for the first time in over 10 years I sat and watched Coronation Street. I have to say the tram crash was very well done. It was quite emotional. I used to watch all the soaps on TV, but I have found better things to do with my time over the past 10 years. After Corrie, I turned over to Channel 4 to watch 'Volcano' starring Tommy Lee Jones and I really do not need to tell you the plot. Ohhhh well maybe I will, just in case you have not seen it. Tommy Lee Jones plays the emergency chief attempting to save Los Angeles from molten lava in this taut, effects-laden disaster movie. Of course it all ends happily ever after, like all movies. So whilst this is not the most exciting post I have ever written, it has been a lovely relaxing day for me.

During the afternoon, we did have a little annoyance, when a group of youngsters were trying to smash the ice at the stern of the boat, which made a hell of a racket. Keith went out to find out what they were doing and they told him they wanted to go fishing. These were the same lads as yesterday, who left stacks and stacks of fishing line all over the place, which I and another boater collected up and threw in the bin. We did not say anything to the youngsters yesterday, but Keith went out and asked the boys to move on, because in the basin and on the moorings fishing is not allowed and there are plenty of signs up saying so. Keith took the sticks off of the boys and sent them on their way with a flea in their ears. Just hoping they do not come back and cause problems. I do not want to spoil their fun, after all I was there age once, but it does say NO FISHING, and as they could read English, they should have known better. But you know what kids are like. I think however, I can honestly say with hand on heart, I never disobeyed signs, because if I had, I would have got a clip around the ear by my parents. I am sure normally these lads are good kids, just a little mis-guided.

The afternoon is now drawing into the evening, dinner is cooking in the back stove, Sausage Casserole with Dumplings and I can now look forward to an evening in front of the TV. With it being the X-Factor Final, I will be glued to that. I have a feeling One Direction may win this year, making Simon Cowell a very happy man. I actually think Rebecca is fantastic, but so is Matt. Oh choices, choices, not that I ever vote, as I think it is a waste of money and yes I also think it is all fixed. But I am sure someone will tell me it is not. I am now off to check on dinner, so have a wonderful Sunday evening everyone. x

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