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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Christmas comes to our boat.

Hi Folks.

Brrrrr it is cold and we not experiencing some of the weather other parts of the country are having. But we do have some snow.
Yesterday Keith was looking for something in a draw, so pulled the draw out. Marmite could not resist the opportunity to climb into the gap for a nose around. She will climb into anything for a look around. We have not had as much snow as most of the country, but we did wake up to another inch of snow covering the ground and canal. The photograph below is not a cul-de-sac, it is a boat basin, hence the boats in the photo, but it does look like a road to nowhere, due to snow on the ice covering the canal at the moment. Thanks to NB Roehaise, the ducks do have somewhere to swim. NB Roehaise has been running his engine in gear, so that a small pool is kept clear for the waterfowl. I think they are grateful for this kindness, they are even happier when people come out and feed them. The rest of the canal looks like a snow covered road. There does not seem like an end in sight for this cold blast, and I am not complaining, I love this weather and all it offers. Tonight it is supposed to get down to -7c, so a little chilly around the edges. People here are beginning to have problems with frozen pipes on their boats, thankfully we have never had this problem yet. I say yet, because you just never know what is going to happen. Christmas has arrived onboard the boat. Yes on December 1st we put our tree and lights up. The lights on the tree are battery operated, meaning we do not have to run them off of our domestic battery bank. Instead we are using rechargeable batteries, so we will see how long they last. I do love having all the fairy lights and would happily have them around all year round. if only it was Christmas Day tomorrow, because we have the right weather for it. I bet by the time we get to the 25th December there will be no snow.
Today I went and got my hair cut and feel some how much better for it. Charlotte the hairdresser took an inch and half off the length for me, so it is now much easier to handle. I then went shopping for more fairy lights. The new lights are going up in the back cabin and are battery operated. I took Keith's pocket watch in for repair. The watch is only 3 years old, but it keeps stopping, which is not good. I am just hoping it does not cost to much to repair, because we have a few things to pay for this month. Next week he has a new laptop coming, which is going to dent the bank balance.
Why is it December is always and expensive month, and this does not include money for the Christmas shopping?
Having been shopping, we have spent the rest of the day on the boat in the warm. I had to deliver some coal to a customer, who came and collected it by car and Keith had to take Paddy out for his walk, but that was all we had to do off of the boat thankfully. It is a night to be spent in by the fire, so I am now off to make a cuppa and then we will settle down to watch something on the TV.

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