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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Last Food Shop and a lost dolly.

Hi Folks.

I actually managed a lie in this morning woo hoo that is a miracle and a first for a while. Maybe my brain was so tired from spending hours apologising to friends about the morons who were using my e-mail address to spam my dear friends, that is decided it needed its sleep. Anyway I was up by 8.30am and Paddy was the first to get my attention, because the poor boy must have been crossing his legs. Every morning he always heads for the same BW post. He has set out his territory and likes to mark it out each and everyday, ready for the next dog to come along and do exactly the same thing.

Breakfast over and done, it was time to stoke the fires again and put the Copper Kettle on the back stove ready for the days hot drinks. Today was Tesco day, so all jobs had to be sorted before I headed off to wait for the Tesco van to arrive between 11am and 1pm. I put some Oxtail's in the back stove to stew with an Onion, Carrot and Garlic Cloves. They will cook slowly all day, ready for a stew for tomorrows dinner. Keith headed off with John off of NB Acen to Hams Hardware in Market Harborough to buy a couple of plastic water containers, just in case we should run out of water. He also bought some engine oil, as we used the last of ours yesterday when we did an oil change on the old girl. Keith said that Hams was an aladdins cave full of goodies. So next time I will have to go with him for a nose around. Afterwards he went to Welland Valley Feeds to get a bag of Paddy's dog food. We like to buy his food in the large 15kg bags, it makes it cheaper and of course means we are not constantly stocking up on feed. I sometimes get Marmites food from there as well, but it is just as easy for me to get her Whiskers food from Tesco and let them do the carrying. Whilst he was doing that, I was then setting off along the towpath to wait for Mr Tesco to arrive. Half an hour had gone by and Keith and John were back from there shopping trip. Another hour passed before the Tesco van came around the corner, by then we had chatted to several people going about their day, including Don and Gill off of NB Idunno, who had been to Debdale Marina to get some cans filled with Diesel. 70p a litre they were charge there, but another boater went to North Kilworth and got charge 85p a litre. Someone is making a killing. Thank goodness we hold enough diesel for a year and filled up in October.
Delivery stacked on to the trolley's we wheeled it back to the boat and I then stowed it away. That is the last big shop from Tesco before Christmas for us. If I need anything else I will walk down into the town. I know I will need things like Bread, Fruit and Veg, which I am happy to put in my rucksack and trudge up the hill.

Talking of the hill, I had to nip down the town to use a public phone box, because an 0800 costs to much to use on a mobile. Why pay for a free phone call when you do not have to I thought. By the time I got to the third phone box I was beginning to think I should have used my mobile. The other two boxes were out of use arghhhhhh. Phone call made and new wheels ordered for our other coal trolley, I began the trudge up the hill, and there lying on the footpath was this dear little dolly.She was laying on the cold footpath, lost and forlorn. So I gathered her up in my arms and took her to the Police Station near to where I found her only to be told they were not interested in taking her in. So much for Christmas Spirit. I was told they generally only take in wallets and keys these days. Long gone are the days when you could take any lost and found into a Police Station and they would keep it for 3 months, then either dispose of it, find it a home or give it back to the person who found it. So for now she will be living on the boat with us. I have sent a message and a photo to the local radio station and tomorrow I will go to the school down the road and see if anyone there has lost Fifi the Flower Tot doll. I would hate to think of some little girl crying all night because she does not have her Fifi. I will keep you posted as to whether i find her owner. I think we all had favourite cuddlies when we were tiny, I know I did and I would have been heartbroken if I had lost it.

The smell coming from the back cabin is extremely yummy and is making my mouth water. The Oxtail's are cooking nicely. I will leave them in the oven until tomorrow morning, when I will then strip the meat off of the bones and make a Oxtail and Vegetable Stew with Dumplings, this will last us for a couple of days and will taste better the longer it is left, so all the flavours come to the fore. I have some cooking Apples so I think I am going to make an Apple Crumble for afters. Ok now I am hungry, so I am off to organise tonights dinner. have a nice evening everyone xx.


  1. I notice you are not into eating oxtail like me then. Pick up the bones in your fingers and suck the meat off! Especially those tasty bits through the holes! Messy, but nice. :)

  2. Bernard I have done that before now. I do love Oxtail Stew. ;0)


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