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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Relaxing Saturday.

Hi Folks.

I must be having a relaxing day, because this is my second post.
Today has been one of contrasts. This morning like always I walked the mutt, stoked the fires, cleaned the back cabin and laid out breakfast. I walked down the town to post a letter and then I visited the B&M store to get some bits for Christmas. I actually went in to buy some dog biscuits, and came out having spent over £10, but at least it means I have less to spend on the run up to Christmas. I think it is shocking how some shops charge extreme prices, when you can walk into stores like B&M, Wilkinsons etc and buy the same item for less.
Lets take Pringles for instance. We both love them but I am not going to pay £1.99 for a tube of snacks and yet this morning I bought the same item in B&M for just 89p. I do not need to tell you I made a huge saving, so Tesco's loss was B&M's gain. Whilst there I also bought some other nibbles and chocolates. They have all been put away for Christmas. As I was walking back to the boat, I got chatting to Graham and Jackie on NB Roehaise, we discussed the weather, water supply and all things boaty as you do when you live on a boat. On checking my watch I realised it was almost lunchtime and Keith must have thought I had been kidnapped.
Lunch was Cheese on toast mmmm and a coffee. It was then time to settle down in front of the TV for the Saturday films. On ITV1 we sat through 'The Great Outdoors' with John Candy and now we are watching my favourite film 'Mrs Doubtfire' starring the fantastic Robin Williams. The afternoon is drawing into the evening, with the light fading outside. Along with the fading light, the temperature is also dropping like a stone, so we will be in for another heavy frost no doubt, which will undo the thawing out which has taken place today.
I only had to supply coal to one customer today, so it has been all in all a quiet Saturday for me. Keith has spent most of his day on his new laptop. He has now loaded in all his discs and is up and running. I must say that from what I have seen the new Windows 7 looks excellent, I am on Windows XP, which is fine, but for some odd reason I cannot load the Messenger, which is very annoying. There is obviously a very good reason, why it will not load, but I cannot find the cause. Oh well I will have to do without it for now. Ok I am off to cook dinner, which is going to be a Chicken and Prawn Biryani, then I will be watching X-Factor and I'm a Celeb.....have a good Saturday everyone.

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