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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Hfm and JK Robbie Willams

Hi Folks.

It has been a day of first for me and at the age of 48 that does not happen to often.
The day began at 7am, when I woke up. Yep I managed to sleep in this morning, which is a miracle. First job of the morning was to rake out the ash in the back cabin stove, so that it could roar into life. With the cabin warming up, I was then up and dressed. Before breakfast Paddy got his walk down a very slippery towpath. I have visions of me landing up on my behind one of these mornings. I cannot afford to break anything as this is a very busy time for us.
After breakfast, the saloon stove was stoked up for the day. and boat chores done.
11am we left the boat to go to a coffee morning on NB Acen. Jo and John invited us to join them along with Chrissie and Richard from NB Digitalis, and Jill and Don from NB Idunno. We spent a lovely hour chatting, drinking coffee and eating nibbles. At midday we had to leave the party to be picked up by Moley from Hfm the local radio station. Moley had invited us to take part in his show from 1pm to 3pm to chat about life on the Waterway's, which was a first for both of us. When we got to the studio Dave Smith was on the air talking to JK who does a Robbie Williams Act celebrating the music of Robbie Williams. It was astonishing how much he looks and sounds like Robbie. I had to do a double take when I met him. Meeting JK was another first, JK is a lovely guy and maybe one day we will go and see him perform. He will be performing at the De Montfort Hall, Leicester on the 24th March 2011. Come 1pm it was time for Moley to take to the air and for Keith and I to join him in the studio.I never realised how quickly two hours can go. We chatted about life on the canal, especially with the present weather conditions. We talked about the history of the canals and answered questions sent in by listeners. It was really great fun but the time flew by and before we knew it, it was 3pm and time for Moley to hand over to Richard Oliffe. Moley made us feel very welcome and relaxed and it is certainly something I would do again. Moley very kindly gave us a lift back o our boat, as it is quite a hike from the studio even in good weather. We had a late lunch of Bacon sandwiches and a cuppa. It has been a fantastic day. Tomorrow we will be trying to move the boat, in order to take on a coal delivery on Saturday, so we will be crunching our way through the ice....

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