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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Thank You So Much.

Hi folks.

Guess I should have one final moan before 2010 is done. So I want to thank the person or person's who sneezed or coughed over me yesterday, because now I have a sore throat arghhhhhhh. Yep I know there are worse things that happen in life, and I will be fine, but it is not something I need when I am trying to deliver coal to customers. I will keep taking the tablets and carry on regardless as all good women do, but making sure I have the courtesy not to sneeze or cough over other people ;0(.
When I was growing up, I was taught to carry a hanky and if I needed to sneeze of cough to use that hanky to cover my mouth and nose. These days hankies seem to have gone by the board. The best you will see the younger generation us is the sleeve on their hoodies. Infact do the younger generation actually know what a hanky is?
I always have one in my pocket. I bet I could go to any coat or bag and find a hanky.
I really hate having a sore throat and being sick. I can cope with the cold bit and the coughing, but sore throat annoy's me for some reason.
Today will be spent dosing myself up to stop it going any further. I still have coal to deliver to customers, but Keith will give me a hand.
May come back later if I feel the urge. have a good day everyone xx


  1. We women hate sore throats as they stop us talking as much as we like to! LOL

    Hope you manage to get rid of it as soon as possible :)

  2. Lady B. You have a good point there.
    I can cope with every other aspect of a cold, but hate sore throats. The way I get through it is to keep sucking on something, to keep the throat moist.... Oppps that sounds so naughty hahaha. See I have not lost my sense of humour. xx


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