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Monday, 6 December 2010

Chilly around the edges.

Hi Folks.

Brrrrrrrrrr it was a cold one this morning. Our thermometer read -6.7c, but I am not sure that is accurate, as I was told it was down to -8c. One thing was certain, the towpath was deadly yet again, so Paddy and I did our impression of Dancing On Ice. He is a lousy partner, because he got the steps all wrong. Due to the very heavy frost, everything looked like it has been sprinkled with snow, so looked fabulous as the sun came up over the houses. having delivered Paddy back to the boat, I then went out with my camera. I love to take photo's of almost anything. Once back on the boat, the fires needed attending to as usual and of course Mog and Dog needed feeding. Keith then set off down the town to sort out his new laptop.

With it being so cold last night, people have been eager to get some coal, so Keith and I have been busy delivering. I was doing just such a thing when Mo and Nessa from NB Balmaha came a calling. Nessa had text me to say they were coming into Market Harborough on the bus from Foxton, so I was expecting them. Just never expected a customer to call asking for coal. He is frozen in on the summit of the Leicester Arm, so managed to get to me by car. With the customer sent on his way happy, I made my way back to the boat, where Nessa and Mo were warming themselves. I made us all a cuppa and took the Mince Pies out of the back stove, where they had been warming. Keith unfortunately was not joining us, as he was down in the town getting his new laptop looked at, because it had developed a couple of problems, so Mo, Nessa and I got down to a good old natter, mostly about the weather. They are stuck at Foxton and are hoping they do not run out of water, because the water point has been turned off. Mo and Nessa donned their hats and coats in readiness to set off down the town. We were just saying our goodbyes, when Keith came walking along the slippery towpath. Hopefully we will see Mo and Nessa again before Christmas. I had just made us some lunch, when there was a tap on the galley window, more coal required, this continued on during the afternoon, as people stocked up. As I supplied the customers, the hold became very empty. Having taken stock of just how empty the hold was becoming, I decided to ring the coal merchant to find out if I could get a delivery. It is hoped that I will be getting a coal delivery on either Friday or over the weekend.

The only thing we have to now do is get the boat from the towpath to the Sanitary Station mooring, where we will take on our delivery. We will be crunching our way through the ice that we do know. Keith tested the ice at the bow for thickness and it was only about an inch thick. We do know it is thicker going into the basin, so it could prove to be fun. When it happens I will post all the details.

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